Performance Over Privacy


Apple might be standing their ground when it comes to releasing information from its devices but that's not making fans feel any safer.

The tech giant has been in the headlines lately for refusing the FBI’s request to unlock a phone reportedly used by one of the suspects in the San Bernardino terror attacks. Apple says doing so would jeopardize the safety and privacy of all apple users. And while most people are applauding the decision it doesn't mean that apple is winning more fans.  read more »

Mayer's First Year


It's been one year since Marissa Mayer moved into the corner office at Yahoo; and so far it's been 12 months of improvement in every area but one.

Yahoo's decision to name the former Google employee as CEO shook up the business world. Recently she made headlines for doing away with telecommuting and making employees come into the office. Despite that, reviews of her performance are glowing.

Employees say morale has improved, more people are applying to work at the Silicon Valley based company and more employees are staying longer. But nothing's perfect and the one area Mayer hasn't improved is also the most important one; revenue.  read more »

A Workplace Wonderland


Feel like a vacation; then head to the office.

Tech companies are flying out of the recession with a new business plan; incentives. More than ever before Silicon Valley companies want their employees in the office. It started with Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer banning the practice of telecommuting and has moved to extra-large office space and job perks.  read more »

High Tech Relief


The world is witnessing a disaster and now we’re getting some high tech relief.

Japan has suffered though a magnitude 9.0 earthquake and a deadly tsunami. Aftershocks still rattle the region amid fears of nuclear reactor meltdowns. And some of the biggest tech companies are stepping in to offer help as rescuers continue their searches and clean-up gets underway.

Silicon Valley based Google has an online “people finder” for people seeking information about a loved one. You can go to this site to post information about who you are looking for or you can post information about a person you have found. Microsoft is offering free technical support and temporary software licenses to help companies impacted by the quake. They have also pledged $250,000 in cash.  read more »