Flying the Friendly Skies


Flying the not so friendly skies is getting expensive with extra fees for luggage and food. But which airlines rank the worst when it comes to customer satisfaction?

Earlier this week the University of Michigan released the latest American customer service satisfaction index for the airline industry. The survey shows that the level of contentment is on the rise, but most of the time just being content is simply not enough. Passengers took the opportunity to vent about plane food and flight attendants. And when it came to high flying cuisine, Delta/Northwest reportedly serves the worst, followed closely by United and American. And if travelers were given the chance to speak to the CEO of any airline they would request, “to be fed food you’d eat yourself.”  read more »

The Worst Job Ever


National unemployment is creeping up close to ten percent and people are desperate for their next paycheck, but are they desperate enough to chase after the worst jobs in America?

JobsRated.com has ranked the ten worst jobs in the country based on salary, hours and the type of work it entails. And after checking out some of the heavy lifting required, you may find some relief in being unemployed. The list is based on research of up to two hundred jobs and the jobs selected all made the list because of the grueling work they entail.  read more »

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Airport Overnighters

airport sleeping.gif

Airports are not known for their top notch sleeping arrangements. But if your travel plans are going to land you on the floor of your local terminal you should be aware of the accomodations.

Whether you're looking to save some cash or your plane is flight impaired, the travel website sleeping in airports has compiled a list of the best and worst airports to sleep in should it be necessary. Dirty floors, overcrowded bathrooms and biting insects topped the list of complaints of the six thousand travelers who took part in the poll. And featuring all of these problems is Charles de Gualle Airport of Paris, France which came in as the worst airport for a slumber party. This was followed closely by Sheremetyevo in Moscow which one passenger described as "hell on earth."  read more »

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