world cup 2014

A Presidential Mistake


It seems like president Obama has a new hobby.

To celebrate the world cup a souvenir company in England produced a set of coffee mugs. Each mug featured a picture of a player along with their name. But when the time came to unpack the mugs the company found an unfortunate surprise on the mug of defender Chris Smalling.

Instead of the English soccer player; the mug featured the face of President Obama. The company, which has chosen to remain anonymous decided to cut their losses and turn the mugs over to wholesale clearance. In turn the clearance company will try to sell off the mugs with mistaken identity.  read more »

A World Cup Appetite


World cup fever is spreading and it’s being fueled by food.

When it came time to pack up and head to Brazil the Italian team loaded their bags with parmesan, olive oil and prosciutto. The U.S. team brought oatmeal, cheerios and peanut butter. And the Mexican team brought all the chili peppers they could carry. But if their own home grown food isn’t enough the U.S. and Italian teams are shelling out money to bring along a nutritionist and a chef.

Both teams have new coaches that prefer a diet of fresh food; with 80 to 90% of it made from scratch. The coaches say the team needs to perform at their best and if their diet gets them there; then it’s worth the cost. And it’s a pretty good deal for the players who are showing up to a spread of meat, vegetables and fruit.  read more »

World Cup 2014


The 2014 world cup is about to kick off; and fans are preparing for a lot more than a little soccer.

One of the host cities for this year's contest is Manaus. Located smack in the center of the Amazon and only reachable by plane or boat the city is looking forward to the surge of tourists and their money. As long as travelers aren't put off by the stories coming out of the jungle.

Tales include thick clouds of mosquitos, pythons falling out of trees and razor toothed piranhas in the water. If that's not bad enough some participating countries are warning fans about picking up disease or being confronted by knife wielding thieves.  read more »