working from home

Working From Home


Do you want to work from home? Here's a few ways to convince your boss it's a good idea.

Turns out working from home might not just benefit the employee, in fact employers might want to start encouraging it. According to Entrepreneur Magazine there are 20 good reasons that people should avoid coming to the office and clock in from home at least once a week.

For example they will waste less time commuting, and in some major cities around the country people are spending hours a day in the car. Instead of sitting behind the wheel that time can be spent doing something a little more productive. And speaking of being more productive, the office environment isn't the best for everyone.  read more »

Happy Employees


People often complain about office life; but what would you give up for a few improvements?

According to a recently released survey about office life the average worker isn’t fond of extracurricular activities. These include office baby showers, costume parties or group photos. And when it comes to the option of working from home, most would give up free alcohol, coffee or lunch breaks for the chance to stay out of the office once a week.

Researchers with the study say this shows that companies will benefit more by being flexible and allowing people to work from anywhere. They say helping people combine their professional and personal lives can boost workplace morale and productivity.  read more »