Your Social Time


Not only do you have to watch what you post on your favorite social site but how long you spend doing it.

Most of us know not to post inappropriate pictures on Facebook or tweet negative comments about our co-workers but now you have to monitor yourself in another way. According to if an employer sees that you’re being overly active on social media your professional commitment could be questioned. If you are always on social sites employers will start to question how your online activity is contributing to the company. They will also wonder what is not getting done while you are connecting with old friends.  read more »

Preparing For The Worst

In this economy layoffs are becoming rampant but that doesn’t mean people are prepared for them.

It’s been a year of bad news for the U.S. economy and things have yet to turn around. Currently 6.7 percent of people are without work and thousands are applying for a handful of jobs. People in all industries from publishing to financing are being laid off. The big three automakers have announced they are slowing down production and temporarily laying-off all employees.

Camelia Lim is a regional Vice President at Robert half International who works to get people temporary or full time jobs. She says if you suspect a lay-off consider other options within the company.  read more »

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Being Optimistic in a Pessimistic Job Market

This past week the country’s unemployment rate spiked to 6.7 percent, with 1.5 million jobs lost in just the past six months. Analysts are split on when the economy will turn around, but you still have to pay those nagging bills.

Despite all that pessimism, entrepreneur, economist and University of San Francisco business professor Jon Fisher says it’s still possible to land a good job.

He says some of the pain we’re encountering now is the result of problems that we went through in the past. While the economy will certainly get worse in the short term, it will be a lot better in ’09. So it’s just a question of how much risk tolerance you can endure.  read more »