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Election Winners


We’re just days away from the election and businesses are cashing in on the last minute opportunities.

After months of scandals, headlines and debates we are about to make a choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. And while most people in America are having a hard time deciding between the lesser of two evils, businesses are using the final days to their benefit.

A restaurant in the San Francisco Bay Area has created two cocktails named “the Dirty Hombre” and “Nasty Woman;” both terms that came up in the final debate and are now helping people drink away their woes.  read more »

Postmortem Voting


The race for the white house has gotten so heated that even the dearly departed are chiming in.

It appears more and more likely that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will battle it out to become our next president. And while their campaigns are preparing for the upcoming attacks, the recently deceased also want to make sure their opinion is heard. Over the past couple month’s obituaries are being published that not only tell the life story of the person who just passed, but they are also leaving behind their political preference.  read more »

Presidential Down Time

obama 2.png

Everyone needs a little down time; but if you’re the leader of the free world it could be hard to come by.

Over the course of his two terms in the White House President Obama has started to look his age, or even a few years past it. Understandable when you consider he’s running the entire country during years that have included war, recession and terror threats. So how does our commander in chief take advantage of the few vacation days he manages to squeeze in?  read more »

Presidential Salaries


President Obama is the country's top boss; so how well does he pay?

Since 1995 it's been a requirement for the white house to reveal the salary of presidential staffers to congress. The president himself pulls in $400,000 a year; so how does the rest of the staff stack up?

The highest paid people under the president make about $172,000. These people have the title assistant to the president. Most of them also have a second title, but that doesn't mean more pay. In fact none of them have received a raise since President Obama took office and a salary freeze went into effect during the recession. Twenty two members of the president's staff are being paid at this level.  read more »

Biden's New Ride


Vice President Joe Biden is second in command of the free world; but there’s one thing his fan base think he’s missing.

In May of 2009 “The Onion,” a tongue in cheek newspaper wrote an article about Vice President Biden and his beloved 1981 Pontiac Trans Am. It described Biden parking the muscle car in the driveway of the White House while he lovingly washed and tuned it.

In the article, he spent the day revving the engine at strangers and knocking back a few cold ones. But sadly the love affair wouldn’t last; and when the recession hit, Biden was forced to sell his beloved ride.  read more »

The Most Valuable Landmark


The world is full of famous landmarks; but which is the most valuable sight to see?

A new study by Italy’s Monza and Brianza chamber of commerce is calculating the value of some of the most recognized buildings and monuments in the world. But since none of these landmarks is actually up for sale their values were estimated by looking at the annual number of visitors and the amount of money brought in by those visitors.  read more »