Frying Up Something New


Attempting to appeal to more than just your taste buds, fast food restaurants are serving up a few new ideas.

Recently Taco Bell rolled out a breakfast menu in an attempt to lure more people to try its food. Now it’s hoping to get them out of the drive thru and in the door with an updated dining room. Sleek, modern seating, exposed beams and trendy light fixtures will replace the plastic tables and fluorescent lighting people are currently used to. It says it hopes to get people to slow down and stay to enjoy their meal; an unusual attempt by a restaurant known for its fast food.  read more »

The Dollar Menu


While your next quick meal might save you time; its effect on your wallet could be a different story.

A few years ago fast food companies rolled out dollar menus in an effort to increase traffic in their restaurants. Now they're easing away from the cheaper items hoping to help customers rack up a higher bill. So instead of the dollar menu, McDonalds now has the dollar menu and more. And Wendy’s is rolling out the right price right size menu where items cost anywhere from one to five dollars.

Other tactics include making the cheaper items so small that customers decide to order more than one. Or only offering a burger and fries so the customer then has to purchase a drink which also drives up the price.  read more »