weight loss

Weight Loss Hackers


Hackers are looking for a way into your computer; and they're going through your insecurity.

According to a survey conducted by Intel security about 88% of consumers have clicked on an ad for some kind of diet or fitness program. The survey of 15,000 people between 21 and 54 also found that 30% had purchased something from those ads without knowing whether or not it’s a secure site. Experts say this is like buying pills from a person on the street corner without knowing what they are.

They say cyber criminals are getting smart and know that before summer hits people are looking to drop the extra pounds they picked up over the past few months. So it's pretty common to see more ads and emails promising a quick way to slim down.  read more »

Your Weight in Gold


Dubai has a new diet plan; and it's worth your weight in gold.

To coincide with the holy month of Ramadan Dubai’s government is launching a 30 day weight loss challenge. During Ramadan people refrain from eating and drinking in the daytime hours. But when the sun sets people stuff their faces with traditional dishes loaded with fat and sugar.

So in order to counteract the calorie intake Dubai officials are offering people one gram of gold for every kilogram of weight they lose. In today's market that is about $42 for every 2.2 pounds dropped.

To participate people need to be overweight and willing to lose at least two kilograms. But they have to drop the pounds in a healthy manner and need to show up for a weigh in on the last day of the contest.  read more »

A Plus Size Gym


There’s a new gym in town; but only for the plus size.

Downsize Fitness health clubs have just one rule; you can only apply if you are at least fifty pounds overweight. Started by a hedge fund manager who wanted to lose weight the clubs feature equipment designed for heavier people and personal trainers used to working with overweight people. They also offer group classes such as Pilates, yoga and boot camp.

The owner says the inspiration for the gym came from the TV show “The Biggest Loser.” He says overweight people feel like they’re on display at the gym. But at Downsize Fitness he says they can tackle their goals in a comfortable environment.  read more »

A Slimming Scent


Having trouble sticking to your diet plan; try sniffing yourself slim.

The makers of a new French perfume claim their product has the power to make the wearer eat less and appear thinner. Called “Veld’s Prends Moi” or “take me” in English, the perfume is billed as the world’s first slimming scent.

According to company data 75% of test subjects reported fewer food urges by spritzing the scent on every morning. And 82% reported feeling content with each spray; a welcome side effect by emotional eaters who say they usually turn to food for comfort.  read more »

Your Gym's Dirty Secrets


The secret to getting in shape; isn’t just good for your waistline.

The summer season is winding down but resolution time is right around the corner. And if you’re thinking about becoming a member of your local gym there are a few dirty little secrets you should know.

For example; while you fight to drop a few pounds your gym is fighting to keep you. Summer is one of the best times to milk your membership. Since most places are required to meet monthly quotas they would rather offer you extras then risk losing your business. Take advantage of this by asking them to match better deals from their competitors. Or find out what they’re offering new members and ask to receive the same perks. This could score you free training or a free month.  read more »