Bridesmaid For Hire


Hiring people to piece together your dream wedding? Now that can include the bridal party.

After being a bridesmaid multiple times and observing the stress that comes with a wedding Jen Glatz is offering up her services, with a business called “Bridesmaid For Hire.” But it's not just about slipping on the ugly dress and shedding some tears at the alter; Glatz is offering up full service support.  read more »

A Deceitful Bride


A New York City bride is facing jail time for taking till death do us part a little too far.

Twenty five year old Jessica Vega decided she wanted a dream wedding wrapped up with a tropical honeymoon. And instead of footing the bill or hitting up family she went for the sympathetic route. Vega has now been indicted with multiple felony counts of fraud after telling people she had terminal cancer with just a few months to live.

New York’s attorney general says Vega raised thousands of dollars off her sob story. He says once people heard what she was supposedly going through donations began pouring in. This included a custom fit wedding dress, white gold wedding bands and an Aruban honeymoon.  read more »

A Fast Food Wedding


Looking for an unusual way to tie the knot? Look no further than the golden arches.

McDonalds has become a worldwide staple thanks to its fast and easy way to feed you. And now it’s doing the same for your wedding day. McDonald’s restaurants have added a new item to their menu, the mc-wedding and the idea is starting to cook. The company says the idea isn’t meant to be tacky but rather to fill a need in the fast paced society of Hong Kong. The company says McDonalds restaurants are a popular dating venue for younger couples. And the venue is a cheaper solution for a wedding.  read more »

A Surgical Wedding


Would you be ready to take that walk down the aisle if you weren’t sure who you were going to find at the altar?

The “E” network has already hit it big in the reality show world and they’re hoping to cash in again on their latest venture. Combining extreme plastic surgery and your wedding day, the show “Bridalplasty” will put twelve engaged women in one house to compete for plastic surgery procedures. Throughout the ten week series the women will compete in wedding themed challenges for a chance to win a body altering surgery from their personal wish list. One bride will be voted off each week until the winner reveals her new look to her groom on their wedding day.  read more »

The Laws That Bind

marriage law.jpg

About to pop the question? You better brush up on your rules and regulations.

Your wedding day is an expensive celebration to a long road of commitment. And each state has different laws to make your union legal. Laws you should learn before your “till death do us part” becomes null and void. To help get you to the altar, women’s day magazine put together a list of some of the more bizarre marriage laws upheld in various states. Laws that you might not even consider while down on one knee.  read more »

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