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Late Night Nuptials


Denny’s has arrived in Las Vegas; and its 24 hour menu is offering a little bit extra.

Earlier this week the late night diner opened on historic downtown Fremont Street. And aside from getting your fill of fried food, Vegas customers will receive a meal with a side of wedding vows.

The company decided that a regular Denny’s would not cut it in Vegas; so this one features a wedding chapel and photo booth.

And if you come for a little holy matrimony, your package includes a meal of bacon, peanut butter and bananas between French toast and a bacon vodka chaser. But don’t rush to line up and exchange vows just yet.  read more »



Vegas is facing a little competition when it comes to tying the knot.

If you’re in a hurry to make the ultimate commitment skip the wedding chapel and look for Autowed; the one stop shop for a quick ceremony.

Produced by the English company Concept Shed, Autowed will link you and your loved one for just $1. The eight foot tall pink machine features wedding music and a robotic voice that will officiate your wedding.  read more »