Mind Games


We want what we can't have, and one company is using our emotions to cash in.

The 5th is an Australian fashion company that sells watches; and while its product is ordinary, its business plan is not. The 5th only sells its watches on the 5th of every month and only for five days. The company is building its brand exclusivity by telling the customer no and the customer keeps coming back for more.  read more »

The Christmas Season


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas; even in September.

We're a few months from the holiday season but some of the biggest electronics companies want their gadgets to appear on your shopping lists. So far we've seen the introduction of new iPhones that come in different colors, new video game players and competition is heating up among developers of smartwatches.

Samsung is releasing its $300 Galaxy Gear. The watch can be linked wirelessly to newer Samsung phones and tablets and allows you to do everything from checking your email to making phone calls all from the device worn on your wrist. The watch will be available in a few weeks in six different colors.  read more »

A Fashion Statement


The cure for world hunger could be on your wrist.

A Chicago based product and branding firm has created a new line of watches called 1:Face Watch. The goal of the new accessory is to relieve world hunger, breast cancer and aids, bring water to communities in Rwanda, spread awareness about the environment and help women get mammograms.

Each cause is represented by a different color watch. The designer says the idea is to help half of the world’s population which is living on less than $2.50 a day. The organizations impacted by the watch sales include one day’s wages, charity water and the American Cancer Society. For example when someone buys a white watch the money goes to one day’s wage’s and can feed 16 people living in Africa.  read more »

Fossilized Fashion


Want to be a trend setter in the fashion world? How about wearing a watch that features fossilized feces?

The Switzerland based company Artya is branching out when it comes too accessories and their latest product could affect both your wallet and your sense of smell. The Swiss watchmaker has unveiled an expensive watch that does away with the standard designs of gold, silver or platinum. Instead this watch hits a more earthy tone by being made out of dinosaur dung.  read more »