Warren Buffett

Expensive Worries


Money can't buy happiness; and apparently it won't purchase a worry free lifestyle either.

You would think the biggest problem of the world's richest people would where to vacation but it turns out no one is stress free. Unlike the rest of us worry they don't worry about money, so what's on their mind? To get to the bottom of those stress wrinkles the Huffington Post asked 12 of the richest and most influential people what worries them the most.  read more »

A Tasty Treat


Warren Buffett is auctioning off a chance to indulge your sweet tooth.

Earlier this week the billionaire investor began an online auction for an all you can eat tour of the See's candy factory in California. Proceeds will go to benefit the nonprofit group Communities in Schools of Los Angeles.

Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway conglomerate has owned the chocolate company since 1972. Buffett himself has been known to snack on See's while attending board meetings. He says during the tour he will teach the winner the proper way to eat a bon bon. It will also include a photo opportunity and an autographed souvenir.  read more »

A Successful Bid


Hoping to buy your way into the workforce; it’s going to cost you.

Ted Weschler was the managing partner at the Peninsula Capital Advisors hedge fund. According to MSN Money for the last two years he has been the anonymous bidder to win a private dinner with billionaire investor Warren Buffett. Each year he won buffet’s exclusive company with a bid of $2.6 million. The money goes to benefit Glide Memorial, a well known mission and church located in San Francisco. But this year his bid bought him more than just a meal.  read more »

Focus, Mr. President


As a youngster my father was always preaching to me about focus. He was a very successful senior officer of an auto manufacturing firm, and as an engineer knew the importance of focusing on the problem at hand. He said it would help me chose a career best suited for my talents, and focus would help me survive in the dog-eat-dog world of capitalism.

Unfortunately my father is not around to pass that career advice on to President Obama. But billionaire investor Warren Buffet apparently feels the way my father did, because he’s calling on Mr. Obama to focus on the economy right now.  read more »