warren buffet

A Refreshing Investment


Cans of Cherry Coke in China are about to get a whole lot richer, but only on the outside.

Right now, and only for a limited time the image of billionaire Warren Buffet can be found on the sides of cans of Cherry Coke sold in China. Coke says it received permission from buffet for the unusual campaign in an effort to capitalize on his popularity in the country.

Berkshire Hathaway which buffet runs is Coke's largest investor with a 9.3% stake in the company, worth about $17 billion. Buffet himself has a large group of fans in China which often sends groups of people to watch him at his company's annual meetings in Nebraska. Last year Berkshire even webcast its meeting for the first time and provided a translation in mandarin. And it looks like the feeling is mutual.  read more »

Billionaire Backing


Need some extra cash? Ask your local billionaire.

In 2006 billionaire investor Warren Buffet announced that he was giving away his fortune. Immediately he was flooded with requests for help and instead of tossing the letters aside he handed them to his big sister.

So with the help of seven other women Doris goes through every person's story looking for the ones who have come across tough luck through no fault of their own. Known as the Sunshine Lady Foundation the women make it their mission to help people who show they need it. Initially warren gave his sister five million dollars to make people's lives a little easier.  read more »

Following Your Own Lead


Think you would make a better leader than those currently holding rank, you’re probably right.

Recently I sat down with author Deepak Chopra who talked about the change that needs to happen in the corner offices of American business. Chopra says this country has seen too many ruthless business leaders who corrupted the system, and wound up in jail. In his latest book “The Soul of Leadership” Chopra says we used to associate leadership with personal power and money. Today that concept has changed.

“An effective leader should be one who first of all serves the needs of society or the community of the business, fulfills those needs. But even more importantly can unfold their own potential and unfold the potential of those they lead for the greater good.”  read more »