Emergency Drone Use


Relief from the next natural disaster could come from the sky.

Jeff Schweitzer is the chief innovation architect for Verizon wireless. His job is to figure out how to set up and coordinate a response to natural disasters using the tools at the company's disposal. Currently whenever something happens such as an earthquake, fire or flood Verizon sends out mobile units designed to get people connected with their loved ones. But sometimes this can be difficult if street signs have been knocked out or if a disaster zone is too isolated for help to get in.  read more »

Expensive Airways


Think our airwaves are free? Guess again. They may be invisible but are worth billions.

According to The Wall St. Journal, the Federal Communications Commission's auction of wireless spectrum licenses has collected at least $34 billion in bids, turning a sleepy affair into a windfall for taxpayers and an enormous commitment of capital for carriers.

What's behind this incredible demand is your addiction to smartphones that let you wirelessly watch YouTube videos, stream music and share photos. The Journal describes the spectrum as lanes on a highway. Wireless carriers buy licenses from the Government to use it, and when growing traffic leads to congestion, the have to acquire more.  read more »

Public Phone Calls


The next call you make from your cell phone might involve more people than you think.

According to Yahoo news law enforcement agencies are requesting more personal information from wireless carriers than ever before.

Last year text messages, locations and other information were requested more than 1.3 million times. The personal records were handed over in response to police emergencies, court orders and law enforcement subpoenas. And the information detailed everything from calls you make, to messages you send to your internet history.  read more »

Verizon's New Relationship


To the joy of smart phone users everywhere Verizon has announced it will soon carry the iPhone. But you might not want to break out your wallet just yet.

Admist the excitement of Verizon’s big announcement earlier this week came a few revelations of their new relationship with apple. First, the Verizon iPhone will only work on the 3G network. These phones have data speeds that are much slower than the 4G phone plus you can’t talk and surf the internet at the same time. And rumors are already flying that Apple will be releasing the iPhone 5 sometime this year. But Verizon might have to wait until the following January to get the updated version giving AT&T a solid head start.  read more »

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Cash Back From Verizon Wireless


Verizon wireless customers, take a close look at your next phone bill, because it might just give you a pleasant surprise.

Last year the Cederal Communications Commission asked Verizon about a $1.99 data access fee that customers without data plans were being charged. Turns out a data plan or internet access could be initiated by accidentally pressing the wrong button on your cell phone, resulting in the additional charges.  read more »

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The Comeback Company


The world is mobile and one company is looking to connect with America.

Finland based Nokia is the world’s largest mobile phone maker, but has little presence in the U.S. Now it’s new CEO, former Microsoft Executive Steven Elop wants to change that. Challenging the likes of Apple with Nokia’s new N-8 camera phone technology rolled out at its world summit in London last week. While there, I spoke with Mark Selby, Vice President of Industry Collaborations for Nokia.

“The message we gave yesterday I think is the key message. Nokia is back. We didn’t go anywhere but you know there’s that wonderful expression that perception is reality, reality is rarely perception.”  read more »

Google Earth Goes Underwater

google earth.jpg

Google Earth is going under the sea, and certain smart phone users can take the dive too.

Google Earth 1.1 allows users to head to the ocean floor. And while Google Earth is currently available on both the android and the iPhone, this upgrade is android only. A move some analysts say might sway consumers towards Verizon’s android and away from the Apple powerhouse.  read more »