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Machines Deciding for Man


Feel like a beverage but can’t decide what will best quench your thirst? There’s a vending machine for that.

A new Japanese vending machine that sells canned beverages is taking the decision out of your purchase. The machine uses facial recognition software to choose a drink for the parched based on their age and gender. And sales at these particular machines have tripled over those of regular think for yourself machines.  read more »

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Feet Relief


It turns out there is some rest for the weary, and it can be found in a vending machine.

For most women a night out on the town means killer heels and with the added sex appeal comes battered feet. But now you can kick off those shoes a little earlier and experience some relief. German student Isabella Fendt has come up an idea called ballerina to go. Ballerinas are flat, slip on shoes that can now be found in various vending machines in the southern German city of Munich.  read more »