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Valentine's Day Spending


Valentine's Day has come and gone and this year the celebration was a little bittersweet.

According to the National Retail Federation Valentine’s Day spending is expected to drop this year, 7.6% to just over $18 billion. A number helped along by the 9% of people who decided not to celebrate because of money or lack of a special someone. But when it comes to those of us who did dip into our wallet for our loved ones; department stores were the most popular destination with candy the most popular gift. Next up is greeting cards, an evening out, flowers and jewelry.  read more »

Creepy Crawly Love


Valentine's Day is right around the corner; so what are you going to get that special someone?

Last year Valentine’s Day became known as America’s $21 billion day of love. Between the flowers, cards, jewelry and candy, people spent just shy of that amount to say “I love you.” So this year instead of heading to Hallmark, See's or The Diamond Store how about the Bronx Zoo?  read more »

Name a Roach


It's Valentine’s Day weekend, and if you've had enough of flowers and chocolate, consider expressing your love with a cockroach.

In 2011 New York Bronx zoo introduced its “Name a Roach” program. For $10 you can give someone the honor of naming Madagascar hissing cockroach after them. People have used the program as a joke with their friends or to send a message to an ex. But in the past couple years the program has taken a somewhat romantic turn and is growing in popularity among people looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Each lucky recipient of the cockroach naming program will receive a colorful certificate and picture of their new namesake. And to make the gesture even sweeter, the $10 cost is donated to the Wildlife Conservation Society.  read more »

Four Legged Weddings

dog wedding 1.png

It looks like puppy love is getting a lot more committed.

As Valentine’s Day approaches people are finding new ways to pamper their pooches. And in some cases that means finding them everlasting love. These days more people are holding weddings for their dogs; so much so that the trend is now being dubbed pup-nuptials and entrepreneurs are taking notice.

The owner of Hollywood Pet Parties says weddings are now becoming one of the most common events thrown for animals. And while the cost generally stays around $300, it can climb to as high as $6,000 plus. Like weddings that unite two people it all depends on attire, food and decorations.  read more »

The City of Love


Did Valentine’s Day leave you a little lonely? Maybe you're looking for love in the wrong place.

The real estate site Zillow is taking a cue from cupid and putting singles on the path to happily ever after. To help them find their way Zillow examined the biggest metro cities in the country. It looked at places with a large number of singles that have a high income after rent; and cities with a bustling social scene. Cities also had to offer affordable housing a population over 750,000.

Number ten on the list is Philadelphia. 53.8% of the population is single with a disposable income of more than $18,000 a year. And there are plenty of places to spend that money. Zillow says Philadelphia has 14 date spots such as bars and restaurants per 10,000 people.  read more »

Economic Love


Valentine ’s Day is just around the corner and the economy is feeling the love.

This year your relationship is getting a little more expensive with people expected to spend nearly $200 on that special someone. And along with shelling out for flowers, cards and candy; four million Americans are expected to deliver or receive a marriage proposal.

In its latest spending and savings tracker American Express talked to 2,000 people gearing up for the day of love. Nearly half of the people questioned say they intend to celebrate at their favorite restaurant, up 7% from last year. Flowers are coming out on top as the most popular gift that will be purchased. These are followed by gift cards, jewelry and electronics.  read more »

Tough Love


Looking to save a little money this Valentine’s Day, or just avoid it altogether, consider a trip to Iran.

The Middle Eastern country has banned any gifts or promotions relating to the February 14th celebration of love. The strict rules, imposed by Iranian authorities are an attempt to stop the spread of corruptive western values and the canoodling of unmarried couples. The ban covers everything from teddy bears to cards and anything else that might feature a heart or a rose.  read more »

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