Memorable Accomodations


Preparing for your next big trip; why not kick the accommodations up a notch?

AirBNB has become the go to site for people looking to get away. And while the company's prices tend to be lower than most hotels that doesn't mean you are getting less bang for your buck. According to the website Refinery29, AirBNB also has access to some of the most mind blowing accommodations available.

For example for $78 a night you can stay in an indoor forest in Melbourne, Australia. You will never know you are staying right in the middle of a big city while surrounded by an indoor forest complete with house plants and climbing vines.  read more »



Its summer vacation season but this year more people are finding it hard to get away.

According to a new survey by the staffing firm Accountemps 54% of workers regularly check in with the office while on vacation. That's up from 41% percent this time last year. The people who can't fully unplug say they do it for peace of mind that things are under control, keeping projects moving along, avoiding extra work when they return and preventing colleagues from feeling extra stress. But even if your job demands a little more or you just can't let go there are ways to manage the urge and benefit from time off.  read more »

Carnival Cruise Line


The cruise industry is sailing back into profitable waters but Carnival is having trouble leaving the port.

In February the Carnival Triumph broke down in the Gulf of Mexico stranding passengers without working toilets and a dismal food supply. After that two of Carnivals other vessels ran into trouble and had to be towed back to port.

Now the world's largest cruise ship company can't shake the bad publicity and is expecting revenue for this year to drop 3%. But it's not for lack of trying. In April Carnival announced a $300 million upgrade to add backup generators, upgrade fire safety and improve the engine rooms on all 24 of its ships. Then in June the company announced that its CEO was being replaced after leading the company since 1979.  read more »

A New Type of Vacation


These days you can buy just about anything; even a little time off.

Some companies are now allowing employees to buy and sell vacation time; and it's paying off for everyone involved. If an employee wants to take a long trip or spend time with a new baby they can purchase a few extra days. Or if they need more cash they can sell off a few days.

Plus in what many companies consider a tough economy; the program doesn't cost much to provide. According to a human resource company the idea of buying and selling vacation is even more popular with companies that offer paid time off plans.  read more »

A Stressful Vacation


Most people count down the days until their big summer trip; while others need a vacation from their vacation.

Turns out a little time on the beach isn’t as relaxing for some people as it is for others. Travel website recently polled 1,400 Americans. Of that number 64% say the post-vacation blues kick in while the umbrella drink is still in hand.

Those polled say day five of a one week trip causes the most anxiety and four percent of travelers worry about work responsibilities before the plane has left the tarmac.  read more »

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Traveling With the Law


Laws aren’t meant to be broken, especially when you leave work for your summer vacation.

To prepare you for wherever your passport may go, Bing Travel has put together a list of unknown laws from ten countries. And if you run into a cop familiar with the rule book you could be spending more time behind bars then on the beach.  read more »

Viral Vacations


Hotels and resorts might need some upgrading because while people still want to get away, they don’t want to go that far.

Gone are the days of lounging on a beach and escaping it all. These days travelers want to stay plugged in and are using email, Facebook and Twitter to stay connected. Amelie Hurst works with the travel website, Trip Advisor and says for many travelers figuring out how to keep in touch with the mainland is as important as packing sun screen and swimwear. Hurst says in years gone by this was never a concern, with vacations going hand in hand with being disconnected from everyday life. But now everyone wants to plug in.  read more »

Five Star Service


When you spend your hard earned money on a hotel you expect the five star treatment; clean rooms, room service and a warm bed. But in Britain that warm bed may be provided by a complete stranger.

Over the past month the international hotel chain, Holiday Inn has been offering a new service at three hotels in Britain. If requested a hotel employee will dress in a one piece fleece sleeper and roll around between the sheets of your bed to warm it up before you arrive.  read more »

Best Deals for Summer Travel


The first official day of Summer is here and while the economy may be giving us a lot of grief it's also handing out some great travel deals.

Founder of Best Fares Tom Parsons and Anne Banas, Executive Editor of Smarter Travel teamed up with journalist Terry Gardner and compiled a list of the top ten best travel deals on the market. First on the list is a trip down under to Sydney, Australia, airfares have never been so low. Quantas and V Australia have advertised roundtrip tickets for around $560 and Delta is expected to sweeten the deal when they begin service to Australia on July 1st.  read more »