Cramped Passengers


To boost the bottom line airlines are adding seats and subtracting leg room; and that's not flying with passengers.

In the past couple of weeks three flights have made unscheduled landings because passengers have gotten into fights when one of them tried to recline their seat. But people aren't imagining the lack of space.

Southwest and United airlines both took away one inch from each row on certain jets to make room for another row of seat. American is increasing the number of seats while delta installed smaller toilets to add four more. And JetBlue reduced the space in coach to make room for lie flat first class pods.  read more »

Flying High


This holiday season airlines are splurging on their customers; but only if you’re part of a certain class.

It’s one of the busiest travel times of the year and while most passengers will spend the time purchasing pillows and looking for leg room; it’s getting even better for those in first class. According to the International Air Transport Association first class and business class passengers only make up 8% of international travelers. But that 8%of high end travelers brings in 27% of annual revenue. Airline analysts say there is now a war going on to cater to the profitable passengers and extra perks are the bait.  read more »