Uber is now driving into one of the busiest cities in America.

A few days ago San Francisco based Uber launched its carpooling service on the congested freeways of Los Angeles. Called UberPool the service allows people to on similar routes to travel together and split the cost. It will match two users per ride, but allows each user to bring an extra person. That brings the total number of passengers to four.  read more »

Hitching a Ride

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A European ridesharing company is picking up speed and its customers are also part of its business plan.

Blah Blah car is based in Paris and in operation all across Europe. It works by linking drivers with empty seats with passengers who need a ride. Co-founder Nicolas Brusson says 80% of people travel by car in Europe and most of them have plenty of room.

“What we end up doing by offering those empty seats in cars to passengers going the same way, we actually tap into what's probably the biggest wasted inventory of passenger seats.”  read more »

Blah Blah Car

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Looking for a way to get around Europe; put your money where your mouth is.

Nicolas Brusson is Chief Operating Officer of Blah Blah Car. An unusual name yes, but there's a good reason behind it. Blah Blah Car is a ridesharing company and when you sign up you fill out information about yourself such as whether you're make or female or if you want music in the car. Then there's a chat index where you can indicate how much you like to talk while in the car. The options are blah, blah blah or blah, blah, blah.

“People found that very funny actually and we realized that that's the only thing that people remembered about the service. So like not the name, not the URL, not the cars just this funny feature.”  read more »

Global Ride Sharing


Ride sharing is going global by staying local.

Uber and its Silicon Valley competitors have turned the car or cab for hire business upside down. Download their app, give them secure credit card information, get picked up and in minutes off you go. But this transformational technology has fueled complaints and a few riots from traditional cab drivers who feel these new services are unsafe, unfair and even illegal.

Still, companies such as Uber have gone global with billions of investment dollars. Now a French startup has come up with its own unique ride sharing service. According to Tech Crunch, Blabla Car has just raised $100 million.  read more »

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It used to be you could never get a vendor on the phone. Now you can't get rid of them.

I don't know about you, but this has been my recent experience. I buy a product, or check in with my credit card provider it's guaranteed that within a half an hour I get a call or email from the company asking me to rate their performance.

We've gone from getting no response to getting too much response. I was even offered a free car wash the other day if I would spend time evaluating employee performance. When I take a ride on one of the app driven car services, the driver pleads with me to give him a five star rating so he can keep getting business.  read more »

Speed Bumps


Every new idea will hit a few speed bumps.

“I think what happens is when somebody innovative comes in and they shake the tree a little bit, the tree sometimes starts talking back and gets a little bit upset.”

Travis Kalanick is CEO and co-founder of San Francisco based Uber. An on demand car service app that picks you up at the push of a button. Now it's in most major cities around the world. But not everyone is rolling out the welcome mat. In some cities including Washington DC, New York and San Francisco Uber has been met with changing regulations and lawsuits. Challenges Kalanick says they are more than ready to face.  read more »



There's nothing wrong with a little competition; especially if you come out on top.

Uber is a San Francisco based company that picks people up in a cab, town car or limo with the push of a button. Now the service is available in cities all over the world. I recently spoke with CEO Travis Kalanick about similar companies popping up. He says there are about four or five guys in different cities trying to top his idea; and he's alright with that.

“I’m a competitor though, I’m intended on winning, we got a little bit of a head start but i think ultimately it makes the product and service better, it makes the customers happier.”

Uber also competes with existing cab companies; something he says works well for customers.  read more »

Going the Distance


Sometimes a good idea; can really go the distance.

“My co-founder and I live in San Francisco and before Uber it was almost impossible to get a ride. And so we just wanted to push a button and get a ride and we wanted it to be a classy ride.”

Travis Kalanick is CEO and co-founder of San Francisco based Uber. Once he and his partner decided they wanted a town car at their fingertips they developed an app. First they wanted to keep it exclusive so Kalanick locked it with a special code. But once his inbox was flooded with requests they opened the app to everyone; and Uber was born.  read more »

An Uber Ride


Need a ride? There's an app for that; but it's hitting a few roadblocks.

In 2009 Uber launched; it's a website that allows you to input your location, select a vehicle and within minutes a car or cab is pulling up to pick you up. You can even track your car through GPS which also allows the company to find you. I just tried it out in New York City and it did work as advertised; my driver agrees.

“Believe me this is the first time somebody's gonna become billionaire from the taxi business and I put my money where my mouth is. I'm sure it's gonna happen.”  read more »