A Ride Sharing Lease


Looking to jump into the ride sharing business? How about a new ride to sweeten the deal?

Are you thinking about becoming an Uber driver but don't have a car? Or are you an existing Uber driver tried of strangers messing up your personal vehicle? General Motors might have a way to help.

The company is pairing up with Uber to provide better lease deals for drivers that use the car for ride sharing. The 90 day pilot program is being launched in the San Francisco bay area and will offer the Chevy Cruz, Malibu and Trax at a cost of $179 per week. Plus tax and insurance is included and there are no mileage restrictions.  read more »

Flying Taxis


Uber is working on a new way to get people around; and completely off the roads.

In order to better handle the transportation needs of people who live in big cities Uber is working on a new plan; the flying taxi. At a recent conference the company says it is looking at vehicles that take off and land vertically and can get passengers from A to B. The company did not say whether these flying taxis would be piloted, fully automated or remote control operated.

The head of products for Uber says the technology should be available in the next decade. He says one of the biggest hurdles it will face will be sharing airspace with all the drones that will soon be delivering everything from packages to pizza.  read more »

Uber's Price Drop


Uber is cutting its fares for passengers; but not everyone is along for the ride.

On January 28th Uber cut fares in New York by 15%. Since then the company says demand for rides has increased over 50%. And the rise in numbers is happening all over the city with more people taking advantage of the lower prices and either trying the ride sharing program out for the first time or using it more often.

And it's not just New York that has more people booking a ride. While not releasing specific numbers Uber says since the fare cut business is up in cities all over the country. But despite the boost drivers say it’s hurting their bottom line.  read more »

Uber Conversations

danny and sean.jpg

Uber drivers tend to get a bad rap, but in some cases they're not getting an easy ride either.

There are many complaints about the ride sharing company including price increases on certain days, drivers getting lost and in some cases drivers getting violent. But maybe it's time to consider just how much those drivers have to put up with. For example some passengers are drunk, some talk too much, some try to become a navigator and some are just rude.  read more »

Price Gouging


Uber is designed to make your night out a little easier; but in some cases the peace of mind will cost you.

It's no surprise that certain nights of the year mean a price surge on your Uber fare; and New Year’s Eve is definitely one of those nights. Now the horror stories are pouring into Twitter with people saying they paid 10 times the normal rate without warning.

In its defense Uber released a statement saying that 60% of New Year’s Eve users were not affected by price surging. Unfortunately that doesn't take the sting away for the people who did pay more.  read more »

Uber Rush


Looks like Uber is driving into the delivery service.

Earlier this week Uber graduated its Uber Rush program from a pilot experiment to a full-fledged business. First launched last year the Uber Rush trial let users hail a delivery person from its app the same way you order a driver. And while it might be handy for someone else pick up your dry cleaning or get the umbrella you left at a restaurant; the real customer for Uber Rush is businesses.

Small businesses in big cities all over the country can use Uber Rush to deliver their goods. If a restaurant is slammed during lunch it can hire an extra driver to make deliveries. Stores or boutiques can now add same day delivery to their list of services.  read more »

Uber's Road Block


An Italian court is putting the brakes on San Francisco based Uber.

Earlier this week the court issued a ban on unlicensed car sharing services such as Uber. The service has been gathering popularity among people across Europe who are looking for a cheaper way to travel. Unfortunately taxi drivers don't appreciate the threat to their business and have begun voicing their opinions with large protests.

The court in the Italian business capital of Milan says companies like Uber create unfair competition. So it ruled that using the Uber app was forbidden along with the offering of paid car-ride services by unlicensed drivers. The move by the Italian court adds to a series of legal challenges facing the company.  read more »



Uber is now driving into one of the busiest cities in America.

A few days ago San Francisco based Uber launched its carpooling service on the congested freeways of Los Angeles. Called UberPool the service allows people to on similar routes to travel together and split the cost. It will match two users per ride, but allows each user to bring an extra person. That brings the total number of passengers to four.  read more »

Hitching a Ride

blah blah.png

A European ridesharing company is picking up speed and its customers are also part of its business plan.

Blah Blah car is based in Paris and in operation all across Europe. It works by linking drivers with empty seats with passengers who need a ride. Co-founder Nicolas Brusson says 80% of people travel by car in Europe and most of them have plenty of room.

“What we end up doing by offering those empty seats in cars to passengers going the same way, we actually tap into what's probably the biggest wasted inventory of passenger seats.”  read more »

Blah Blah Car

blah blah.png

Looking for a way to get around Europe; put your money where your mouth is.

Nicolas Brusson is Chief Operating Officer of Blah Blah Car. An unusual name yes, but there's a good reason behind it. Blah Blah Car is a ridesharing company and when you sign up you fill out information about yourself such as whether you're make or female or if you want music in the car. Then there's a chat index where you can indicate how much you like to talk while in the car. The options are blah, blah blah or blah, blah, blah.

“People found that very funny actually and we realized that that's the only thing that people remembered about the service. So like not the name, not the URL, not the cars just this funny feature.”  read more »