High Tech Relief


The world is witnessing a disaster and now we’re getting some high tech relief.

Japan has suffered though a magnitude 9.0 earthquake and a deadly tsunami. Aftershocks still rattle the region amid fears of nuclear reactor meltdowns. And some of the biggest tech companies are stepping in to offer help as rescuers continue their searches and clean-up gets underway.

Silicon Valley based Google has an online “people finder” for people seeking information about a loved one. You can go to this site to post information about who you are looking for or you can post information about a person you have found. Microsoft is offering free technical support and temporary software licenses to help companies impacted by the quake. They have also pledged $250,000 in cash.  read more »

Sticking Around


Ever changing technology might be replacing most of your everyday items, but there are a few gadgets that aren’t quite ready for the scrap pile.

The iPod might have silenced your portable CD player and your GPS system may get you places faster than a map but some of that old fashioned technology has staying power. PC World made a list of the ten technologies that should be extinct but are still clinging to life.

Whether it’s a diehard fan base or pure necessity, items like the typewriter and fax machine have managed to stick around, even though companies use planned obsolescence to get you to buy their newest gadget.  read more »

A Public Divorce


Heading for divorce court? You might want to remember that the next time you update your Facebook status.

The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers reports that 81% of its members has used or faced evidence pulled from social networking sites like Linked In, My Space and Twitter. But when it comes to the best site for scandalous information, Facebook takes the top slot with 66% of lawyers retrieving most of their ammo from the site. Linda Lea Viken is President of the matrimonial lawyers group and says this type of evidence makes the cases very easy. Viken says she can’t believe some of the things clients are posting on Facebook.  read more »

An Online Romance


The most famous love story of all time has been portrayed on theater stages for centuries and the silver screen for decades. And now with all of their sweet sorrow, Romeo and Juliet are coming to twitter.

A twenty-first century rendition of “Romeo and Juliet” will be featured on both Twitter and You Tube. The production is titled “Such Tweet Sorrow” and is collaboration between the Royal Shakespeare Company and Mudlark, which produces cell phone entertainment. While organizers have devised a script loosely based on the original play, most of the dialogue will be improvised by the cast through tweets.  read more »

A Whole New World


When you were a kid perhaps you wanted to be a fireman or an astronaut. Well today's generation is on a whole new path, a path that ten years ago didn't even exist.

From the latest gadgets to living green, economic changes over the past decade have brought us many new industries. And job titles that would once have made you skeptical are becoming the norm. Career Builder has put together a list of the ten careers that didn't exist ten years ago. For example number ten on the list is the Virtual Business Service Provider. These people offer public relations service, concerige service or customer service from the comfort of their homes. Thanks to telecommuting, the internet and video conferencing all the work in an office can be done from your couch of kitchen table.  read more »

Twitter Twitter de dumb?


I had the opportunity to participate at a Web 2.0 seminar for some local business owners and workers at a Chamber of Commerce event in northern California yesterday. It was set up by Dagaz Solutions, the folks who designed my own web site.

Some three hundred business folks showed up, eager to learn how to jump into this brave new world of social networking as a way to get and keep more clients. All the usual suspects were in the spotlight. Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, LinkedIn, and the latest craze, Twitter.  read more »