Overage Bullies


Bullies never go away; they just get older.

Election season is over and the months of campaigning have taughts us that bullies are roaming more than the halls of our schools.

“This sure has been a nasty election season. And kids no matter where they live have heard an incredible amount. Messages from candidates on both sides of the outlet are really negative and show the worst side of American politics.”  read more »

The Pope Goes Viral


The head of the Catholic Church will soon be spreading the Holy Spirit; in 140 characters or less.

According to Vatican officials by the end of the year Pope Benedict the XVI will have his very own Twitter channel. An unusual move for a man they say hates computers and still writes his speeches by hand.

Most of his tweets will come from the contents of his weekly general audience, Sunday blessings and sermons on major church holidays. The rest will be the Pope’s reaction to world events such as natural disasters.

The only catch is that his Holiness will not be writing the tweets himself but he will be reading them and signing off on them before they are sent out to the twitter-verse.  read more »

Stumping the Twitter Verse


Twitter is an outlet for your every thought; but some tweets you should keep to yourself.

Last weekend Rodney King was found dead at the bottom of his pool. Like most major headlines the news quickly went viral and began trending on twitter. King became famous after he was videotaped being beaten by Los Angeles police in 1991. But shortly after the news of his death people began tweeting the question; “who is Rodney King?”

And it’s not the first time. The same question went out after the death of Bee Gees singer Robin Gibb and TV host Dick Clark. But it’s not just the dearly departed baffling twitter users; historical events have many stumped as well.  read more »

The Federal Reserve Gets Social


The world’s biggest economy has come to Twitter.

Earlier this week the U.S. Federal Reserve decided to try its hand at the social site in order to improve communications with the public. So it launched the twitter channel “@federalreserve” with the purpose of increasing the accessibility and availability of Federal Reserve board news.

But despite the jump into social media the reserve says its main website will still be its primary channel of communication. Any tweets will not go out until they have first been posted on the website. So far the fed’s first tweets have referred to the latest remarks from chairmen Ben Bernanke, the results of a mobile banking study and information on Bernanke’s upcoming lecture series.  read more »

Online Images


Looking for some online privacy; don’t apply for a job.

Last year a Yahoo tech blog reported that a North Carolina police department was requiring job applicants to provide the passwords to their social network sites. Now it seems the practice is spreading.

Anyone applying at the Maryland Department of Corrections is being asked to log into their Facebook accounts. Their potential employer then clicks through their profile to locate anything they consider inappropriate. The company says this is a voluntary part of its application process but because of the economy people are desperate for a job. And that desperation is causing them to drop their privacy walls and let anybody in.  read more »

Celebrity Endorsements


Want to know what your favorite celebrity is into these days; head to Twitter.

Thanks to the five year old social network you can follow every thought coming out of Hollywood. And some start-ups are now using Twitter to cash in on those thoughts. The idea is to connect celebrities with companies willing to pay them for a tweet. And the stars aren’t turning down the easy money, no matter how obscure the product.

Companies say Twitter has become an easy way to grab an audience and is cheaper than most advertising campaigns. And there’s a science behind it. The effectiveness of a paid tweet is measured by how many times it’s re-posted and how many followers the celebrity has.  read more »

A Social Business


Is someone else running your online social life; they could be ruining your reputation.

Social media is a powerful business tool because it’s personal, fast and unfiltered. Unfortunately a lot of businesses place that power in the hands of the inexperienced; and it becomes that company’s downfall. According to MSN Business most business executives allow junior employees or interns to manage Facebook pages and twitter feeds. But while those people might have grown up with the social sites they don’t have the business background to make their knowledge meaningful. And their lack of experience could mean bad things for your company and your career. Instead the younger more internet savvy employees should work with the business minded to put their best online foot forward.  read more »

The Anti-Social French


Facebook and Twitter are being de-friended by the French.

Mentioning either of the social networking sites has been banned by French officials on radio and television. The only exception is if they are the subject of a major news story. French officials are citing a 1992 law for the new restriction. This states that programs can not advertise or promote private companies. Journalists will also not be able to say things like “follow us on Twitter” or “visit our Facebook page.”

Instead they’re being encouraged to adopt the phrase “find us on social networks.” Officials say cutting down on the Facebook and Twitter shout-outs will also give smaller companies a chance to gain some recognition.  read more »

Tweet Today, Gone the Next

follow me.jpg

Celebrities take note. Your career could be one tweet away from over.

A survey by publishers Bauer Media found that easy access to stars through twitter makes them less appealing. This leads to fans getting bored and moving on to the next rising star. And according to the survey this also means a shorter career for the celebrity tweeter. The publishing company says these days it’s easy to follow the day to day activities of your favorite celebrity. But the easy access leads to fans losing interest quicker.  read more »

Your Social Time


Not only do you have to watch what you post on your favorite social site but how long you spend doing it.

Most of us know not to post inappropriate pictures on Facebook or tweet negative comments about our co-workers but now you have to monitor yourself in another way. According to if an employer sees that you’re being overly active on social media your professional commitment could be questioned. If you are always on social sites employers will start to question how your online activity is contributing to the company. They will also wonder what is not getting done while you are connecting with old friends.  read more »