Emergency Tweets


In need of some emergency assistance? Dial up your favorite social site.

Recently 16-year-old Adam Greenwood was on board a Virgin train traveling between two cities near London. He was in the bathroom and discovered a bit too late that there was no toilet paper available. So he did what most teenagers would do in an amusing situation and pulled out his cell phone.

But instead of documenting the incident he tweeted Richard Branson’s company telling them of his predicament. Within minutes they tweeted back asking him what coach he was on. He responded and a few minutes later a man knocked on the door and stocked Greenwood with toilet paper.  read more »

Web Summit


It started with just 400 people and now Dublin’s web summit is the place to be for some of the world’s biggest companies.

“To me computers were just a part of my life, it’s just hardwired into who i am and i really created the web summit initially out of my bedroom.”

Paddy Cosgrave is the founder and CEO of Web Summit; a tech conference held in Dublin, Ireland since 2010. I attended the three day conference this year which was the largest one yet. People who made the trip came from companies including Twitter, Facebook and the dating app Tinder.
Cosgrave says for more than a decade there’s been an Irish tradition of laying out the red carpet for American companies to expand into Europe. Now he’s hoping the summit will help Irish entrepreneurs.  read more »

New Born Fame


These days there are multiple options for connecting with the outside world; including your child's toys.

A new research project out of the Netherlands called “New Born Fame” is asking how young is too young for social media. The woman behind it says she noticed a rising trend in the number of snapshots and videos people were posting of their new additions. So she decided to remove the middle man, in this case the parents, by developing a series of toys that will welcome babies to the well connected world.

That includes a snuggly “selfie” ball that lets the child snap a picture of themselves and post it to Facebook. Motion tracking shoes that register and upload physical activity. And an interactive pacifier that uploads the location of the child.  read more »

Twitter Police


Trying to cut down your crime rate; maybe it's time to get a little more social.

When it comes to parking the Italian creativity knows no boundaries. It's not uncommon for people to hang up their scooters or cars in the first available place they can find; which in some cases is on the sidewalk or in the middle of the street.

But now police are fighting back by turning to ordinary citizens and asking them to tweet about any outrageous parking jobs they spot. Police then reply to say they will be taking action; which usually happens in a matter of hours.  read more »

Time Travel


Researchers are on the hunt for time travelers; and they're searching on social media.

An astrophysicist from Michigan Technological University and his students decided to conduct an experiment. The hypothesis; if time travelers exist they might be bragging about their adventures online. And they centered their search around Pope Francis and comet ISON.

Pope Francis was elected in march of 2012 and comet ISON first detected in September of the same year. Their idea was that if there were any tweets, Facebook posts or blogs from 2011 that would mean someone had come back from the future with knowledge of what was to come. Unfortunately their search came up empty.  read more »

Unfriendly Facebook


It looks like Facebook is getting a little un-friendly.

If you're tired of seeing what people had for breakfast or hearing about their daily gripes Facebook is now allowing users to weed out useless information. Soon you will be able to un-follow friends whose comments and updates you want removed from your newsfeed.

The new feature will be available in the drop down menu on people's posts in news feed. The best part of the new feature is that users will not be notified if you've kicked them out of your feed. This means you get to keep your friends while avoiding news you're not interested in.  read more »

The Best Tweets


Thanks to twitter people are expressing their every thought; and some are more memorable than others.

To welcome Twitter to the stock market floor Yahoo Finance decided to take a look at what it considers the ten best tweets in the company's history. They are broken down into categories such as breaking news, advertising and entertainment and are a mixture of sarcasm, surprise and irony.

Coming in at number ten is the tweet that started it all. On March 21st 2006 Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey sent out the first tweet which simply read “just setting up my twitter.” That moment launched millions of users eager to share their every waking thought with loyal followers.  read more »

New Friends


Facebook’s target audience is making new friends.

Facebook’s chief financial officer says teenagers are becoming less active on the site. He says the amount of teens spending more than a few minutes online is now at 56%. That’s down from 76% earlier this year. So who are they hanging out with now?

Experts say younger social media users are switching to sites such as Instagram, Snapchat, Vine and Flickr. Experts say it’s clear the big winners in the social media world are closed messaging and video and photo sharing apps. They say that could be harmful to Facebook who pushes a peer-to-peer community on a more public stage.  read more »

Gifts From Twitter


Twitter is hooking up with Starbucks and making it even easier for you to be social.

The Seattle based coffee company recently launched a program called “tweet-a-coffee.” Here's how it works; first you link your Starbucks and Twitter accounts and set up a payment plan. Then anytime you're feeling generous you tweet “@ tweet-a-coffee” along with the recipient’s Twitter handle. That person will then be notified that they have a $5 Starbucks gift card which is redeemed with a smart phone.  read more »

Ticker Symbol Confusion


Twitter's IPO isn't expected to begin trading until next month but the expectation is paying off for another company.

It turns out investors can't wait for the social media site to go public. So much so that when they saw the ticker symbol TWTRQ they began trading sending shares up more than 1%. Problem is; that ticker symbol was for a company called Tweeter Home Entertainment Group; a specialty consumer electronics company that went bankrupt in 2007.

This was a huge jump for the company that usually goes several days without trading 1,000 shares over the course of a full session. And it wasn't just a single day event. Since Twitter announced its intent to go public; Tweeter has seen a slow uptick over a couple of weeks. But the market noticed.  read more »