Social Snooping


Heads up social media sites, Uncle Sam now wants you.

This week California Senator Dianne Feinstein is expected to reintroduce legislation that would force social media operators such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to notify federal authorities of online terrorist activity. The recent attacks in San Bernardino and Paris have lawmakers concerned that people are using the sites to communicate. They also believe that social media is being used by terrorists to reach out and radicalize people who might be vulnerable to the idea.

Feinstein says the attack in San Bernardino was the largest on American soil since 9/11. She says this is a different age and we have different tools at our disposal to fight back against terror groups.  read more »

One Cash


You tip people for bringing you food and washing your car, so why not give them an extra buck for making your day just a little bit better?

Everyone has their favorite people to follow on Twitter. Maybe it's the person that provides you with a funny video, or the information you need to have. Whoever it might be, why not show your gratitude with a cash tip.

Thanks to the new app, One Cash you can now send your favorite tweeter one dollar every time you think they deserve it. The idea is simple. When you come across a tweeter who makes you stop and smile, launch the app and search for their Twitter handle. Once you find them you send them a dollar by swiping up on their profile; and you can swipe as many times as you like.  read more »

A New Friend


Facebook has gained a powerful new friend.

The social media giant averages one billion users per day. Now it can add one more person to that list, President Barack Obama. The dad, husband and 44th president of the United States, according to his profile, is now an official user.

And for anyone thinking they'll just get the run of the mill PR posts think again. The page is not a campaign page or a white house run staff page. Instead it's an outlet for President Obama to be himself and talk directly to the people. So far his first post includes a video of himself taking a stroll through his very large and very impressive backyard. In the video he talks about squirrels, a fox named Lincoln and carbon emissions.  read more »

Wall Street Reality Check

wall street.jpg

Stocks rise and fall, businesses succeed and fail. How can you pick the winners?

A while back while waiting for a plane at San Francisco International Airport, a Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist recognized me as a business reporter, and approached me to offer an exclusive tip. In whispered tones he said the dirty little secret in the valley is that 90% of startups funded with venture capital fail. In mock shock I answered, is that all?

The fact is it's no secret. Want to make a small fortune investing in startups? Start with a large fortune. Want some more cynicism?  read more »

A New Type of Publishing


Instagram is known for its visuals, but now one woman is taking the photo sharing site to the next level.

Author and photographer Rachel Hulin is releasing her new novel one Instagram post at a time. Her book “Hey Harry, Hey Matilda” follows a set of fraternal twins as they experience all the fun of growing up. Their story is told via a series of emails from Harry, a writer in Connecticut and Matilda, a wedding photographer in Brooklyn.

A similar project was done in 2009 when author Matt Stewart tweeted his entire debut novel. But in this case Hulin isn't limited to 140 characters a post. And she has the option of including pictures with her Instagram post. Something she plans to do to help draw in readers.  read more »

Comeback Kids


Jack Dorsey is back at the helm of twitter and shareholders are hoping he's the next comeback kid of Silicon Valley.

After co-founding Twitter and serving as its CEO for two years Dorsey returned to the top spot last week. So far his first moves have been to slash jobs and roll out new features in an effort to entice users.

This isn't the first time the head honcho has left and returned in an effort to save a company. One of the most well-known examples is Steve Jobs. Jobs was forced out of Apple nine years after starting it. He was brought back in when Apple was on the brink of bankruptcy; now it's one of the biggest companies in the world thanks to Jobs and his new products including the iPod, iPhone and iPad.  read more »

Twitter Moments


They say every moment is a memory and now Twitter is making sure you don't miss any of them.

Twitter has introduced a new feature called “moments.” It works by showcasing the top stories being discussed on the site, even if you don't follow the users discussing them. It can be found by tapping a lightning bolt icon tab on the site or the app. And to make sure you aren't behind on your headlines, the feature is regularly updated throughout the day.  read more »

Deleted Tweets


Politicians are known for sticking their feet in their mouths, but now there's a way to remove them.

Earlier this week Twitter shut down a network of sites dedicated to archiving deleted tweets from politicians around the world. The sites were run by the Open Space Foundation which announced that Twitter had suspended its access. In a statement to the foundation Twitter said “imagine how nerve racking it would be if tweeting was irrevocable.” It says it shut down the sites in defense of all its users even though the majority of deleted tweets being used were from politicians.  read more »

Birthday Wishes


The world is getting a lot more social; so we're in need of a lot more rules.

Thanks to sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook your everyday adventures are documented for friends, family and perfect strangers to see. And since a lot of our relationships are built around social media, Time magazine thought it was time for a little etiquette. Suggested guidelines include no inspirational quotes and limiting pictures of your children.

But according to Time magazine the biggest area in need of a little direction is birthdays. Time says social media has led to confusion about properly wishing someone a happy birthday. Especially when, thanks to Facebook no one has to actually remember your big day.  read more »

Social Stress

social media.png

Feeling a little stressed out? Hit up social media.

According to a new survey, sites such as Twitter and Instagram can relieve stress levels; especially in women. The pew research center surveyed 1,800 Americans and found that people who spend their life online do not have higher stress levels than people who don't.

It also found that while women have higher stress levels than men, being able to share things online eases the burden. The study showed that women who tweet, respond to or send at least 25 emails a day and share at least two pictures are less stressed than women who don't. Experts say these activities are a coping mechanism not taken advantage of by everyone.  read more »