Tweeting Your Dreams True


Twitter is in the business of keeping the world connected; and one man is using that to his advantage.

Right now there are more than 317 million active Twitter accounts. Some people use it to stay informed, others for networking and some to reach people they would normally have no chance of talking to. Spanish golfer Sergio Garcia found that out when he became the subject of a relentless Twitter campaign from one of his fans.  read more »

Twitter and the NFL


Football season is here and Twitter is helping to kick things off.

According to the New York Times Twitter just beat out its competitors to score a live streaming deal with the NFL. For $10 million the social media site will be given the exclusive rights to live stream Thursday night football; games that brought in an average of 13 million viewers last year. Twitter says this is a great opportunity to showcase another feature for users and maybe even bring in sports fans new to the site.  read more »

Mistaken Identity


In a world of tweets, snap chats and Facebook posts a case of mistaken identity can get a little messy.

During the unconventional republican convention a lot of people had a lot to say; so of course they took to social media to share it with the world. Unfortunately for some Twitter users their message hit a road block when they were sent to the wrong organization.

Turns out a police service in Canada called the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary is the first thing to pop up when you search RNC. So a slew of tweets including quote “go Trump, beat crooked Hillary” and quote “pray all is peaceful in Cleveland tonight” is going to the Canadian police force.  read more »

South by Southwest


The South by Southwest festival is underway and this year it's issues not entertainment taking the main stage.

South by Southwest is an annual set of film, interactive media, music festivals and conferences that take place in Austin Texas. In past years the festival has brought us apps like Twitter in 2007 and FourSquare in 2009. But this year it's not the flashy apps getting everyone's attention its mainstream issues such as the battle between Apple and the FBI, online harassment and robots for the elderly.

President Obama became the first sitting president to open the festival saying he was committed to encryption but that authorities must be able to access data on electronic devices to fight crime and extremist violence.  read more »

Social Media and Terrorism


With 140 characters or less Twitter is doing its part in the fight against terrorism.

Officials with the nonprofit Simon Wisenthal Center gave Twitter a grade of “B” when it came to fighting online activity by militant groups such as Isis. The review by the Jewish human rights organization was based on steps that Twitter had already taken and information the organization learned in face to face meetings.  read more »

Twitter's New Homepage


Twitter is giving its home page a more personal touch.

On Wednesday the social media company announced that it was making a change to the way it displays tweets on its homepage. Instead of displaying them in the order they are tweeted out, users will now see tweets customized to their individual tastes. But it's not all about trying to please the customer.  read more »

Twitter Outage


Twitter might only allow you 140 characters; but those characters are easily missed.

Earlier this week Twitter reported an outage in a handful of countries around the world. Many of its 300 million users woke up with a message citing the problem and assuring customers it was being worked on.  read more »

Social Media Memories


2015 was a year of love and gratitude, and it was all expressed in 140 characters or less.

Twitter says the members of the boy band One Direction were responsible for half of the ten most circulated tweets, including the three most popular. One of those came from Harry Styles who tweeted quote "all the love always" when another member announced he was leaving the group. That message was seen, liked and shared by Styles' 26.3 million Twitter followers.

Coming in at number four was President Obama. On June 26th he marked the Supreme Court's decision on same sex marriage with a tweet reading quote "a big step in our march towards equality."  read more »

Social Snooping


Heads up social media sites, Uncle Sam now wants you.

This week California Senator Dianne Feinstein is expected to reintroduce legislation that would force social media operators such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to notify federal authorities of online terrorist activity. The recent attacks in San Bernardino and Paris have lawmakers concerned that people are using the sites to communicate. They also believe that social media is being used by terrorists to reach out and radicalize people who might be vulnerable to the idea.

Feinstein says the attack in San Bernardino was the largest on American soil since 9/11. She says this is a different age and we have different tools at our disposal to fight back against terror groups.  read more »

One Cash


You tip people for bringing you food and washing your car, so why not give them an extra buck for making your day just a little bit better?

Everyone has their favorite people to follow on Twitter. Maybe it's the person that provides you with a funny video, or the information you need to have. Whoever it might be, why not show your gratitude with a cash tip.

Thanks to the new app, One Cash you can now send your favorite tweeter one dollar every time you think they deserve it. The idea is simple. When you come across a tweeter who makes you stop and smile, launch the app and search for their Twitter handle. Once you find them you send them a dollar by swiping up on their profile; and you can swipe as many times as you like.  read more »