turbo tax

The Tax Man Cometh


You have almost eight week to get ready for the tax man; better get started.

You might consider this a wakeup call for all you tax procrastinators out there. April 15th may seem a long way away, but not if you'll need help from the IRS.  read more »

Tax Cheats


The tax deadline has come and gone and chances are not everyone paid up.

A new report from the IRS says that most of the people who refuse to pay Uncle Sam reside in the country’s wealthiest areas. And the biggest offenders can be found in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Atlanta and Washington, DC.

The study also says that the most common offenders are the owners of construction companies or real estate offices where annual income is easy to under-report. The IRS says it’s much harder for people whose companies take taxes directly from their paychecks to cheat the system. And that bad karma will come back around.  read more »