Election Winners


We’re just days away from the election and businesses are cashing in on the last minute opportunities.

After months of scandals, headlines and debates we are about to make a choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. And while most people in America are having a hard time deciding between the lesser of two evils, businesses are using the final days to their benefit.

A restaurant in the San Francisco Bay Area has created two cocktails named “the Dirty Hombre” and “Nasty Woman;” both terms that came up in the final debate and are now helping people drink away their woes.  read more »

Trump Good For Media Business


No matter who wins the presidential election, there is already one big winner, the media.

Presidential candidates in this election cycle are expected to spend billions to buy your vote, setting an all time record for political spending. And a large portion of that money will be spent on advertising. And media executives credit candidate Donald Trump for "stoking the political fires." So whether or not Trump is good for the country, he is very good for the media.  read more »