An Ocean Voyage


These days most traveling is done by air, but it might not be a bad idea to take your next voyage on the high sea.

A few weeks ago I traveled aboard the Queen Mary 2 from Southampton, England to New York City. The ship’s Commodore Bernard Warner has been in the business for 44 years and says after the Loveboat TV show took off, so did the cruise industry took off. Warner says it hit a snag when aircraft flew onto the scene but now with extra fees and constant delays the airline industry has become more necessary than enjoyable.

“I think these days as more and more people are seeking an alternative to flying they’re turning to a ship like ours which crosses the Atlantic frequently during the summer.”  read more »

In-Flight Behavior


With the fees and the packing and the delays flying can be annoying. But no matter how bothered you may be there are certain people you should try very hard to keep happy.

A flight attendant who chose to remain anonymous has put together a list of grievances from her days strolling the aisles on commercial planes. The list, given to MSN Travel describes the seven things you can do that would annoy any flight attendant. And they are tips you should pay attention to, since the flight attendant has the power to make your flight as enjoyable or as terrible as possible.  read more »