The Worst Airports


Looking to fly the friendly skies? There are a few stops you might want to avoid.

Traveling, especially during the upcoming holiday season can take its toll on people. So why not try and upgrade your vacation starting with, the airport. So if you happen to be planning a trip and have some choice about where it starts and ends, the website The Points Guy has made that choice a little easier to make.  read more »

Holiday Travel


The most wonderful time of year is approaching and the price of airfare is rising to meet it.

Halloween is a week away which means the holiday season is here and people are planning their annual getaway. But whether it's home to the family or off on vacation we have now entered the time of year when the cost of plane tickets go up.

And this year the travel site says they are 17% higher than last year. And they aren't dropping anytime soon. also says that prices around Christmas are expected to rise 51% and New Year's Eve tickets will go up 25%. But there are still a few tricks you can try.  read more »

Airline Fees


Airlines are introducing more fees; but passengers might actually get on board with these ones.

Revenue from baggage fees and reservation changes is tapering off so airlines are introducing another way to line their pockets. But instead of charging you for necessary services these are meant to give you a taste of the good life.

For example airlines are now renting out Apple iPads pre-loaded with movies, selling hot first class meals in coach and letting passengers pay to have an empty seat next to them. But it doesn't stop there.  read more »

Dining Delights


With millions of restaurants around the world; you’re gonna need a gimmick to beat out the competition.

Not having to cook your own dinner and do the dishes can make eating out a memorable enough experience. But what if you did it inside of a dimly lit cave, or pressed up next to people on a double decker bus? To help make your next meal that much better has put together a list of the most unusual places to grab a bite to eat. And you can find something no matter where your travels take you.  read more »

Traveling With the Law


Laws aren’t meant to be broken, especially when you leave work for your summer vacation.

To prepare you for wherever your passport may go, Bing Travel has put together a list of unknown laws from ten countries. And if you run into a cop familiar with the rule book you could be spending more time behind bars then on the beach.  read more »

Billions in Baggage Fees


Baggage fees may be miserable for passengers but airlines have billions of reasons to love them.

According to the Bureau of Transportation statistics airlines raked in over $2.5 billion last year thanks to baggage fees. This is up 22.5% percent from the year before. And it looks like airlines will continue to profit from these fees. Michael Boyd is the president of an aviation consulting firm and says people are paying the fees and as long as passengers don’t revolt, the fees will remain in place.  read more »

Giant Travels


Looking to do a little traveling this holiday season. How about an extra large road trip?

If you’re looking for some out of the ordinary sights MSN has put together a road trip with some must see pit stops. And you don’t have to worry about finding them because the list consists of the country’s largest items that range from a frying pan to a killer bee. And these oversized exhibits draw in much needed revenue to towns that might not get a second look.  read more »

A Tourist Tax


Have friends visiting from abroad? Tell them to have their paperwork in order to avoid a new tourist tax.

Starting this week travelers trying to enter the United States will need to pay a $14 fee if they do not have a U.S. visa. Called an operational and promotional fee, this will only affect travelers trying to enter the U.S. from certain countries. These countries include but are not limited too; Australia, Denmark, Spain, Japan, Ireland, Italy, Korea and the United Kingdom.  read more »

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Danger Abroad


Looking for an out of the ordinary vacation? How about witnessing violent crimes and being chased by the police?

While most people head to Mexico for the beach and some umbrella drinks, tourist agencies are noticing a surge in people looking for something a little out of the ordinary. So these agencies are offering trips to remote mountain areas, cities over-run with rebels and dangerous neighborhoods.  read more »

An Ocean Voyage


These days most traveling is done by air, but it might not be a bad idea to take your next voyage on the high sea.

A few weeks ago I traveled aboard the Queen Mary 2 from Southampton, England to New York City. The ship’s Commodore Bernard Warner has been in the business for 44 years and says after the Loveboat TV show took off, so did the cruise industry took off. Warner says it hit a snag when aircraft flew onto the scene but now with extra fees and constant delays the airline industry has become more necessary than enjoyable.

“I think these days as more and more people are seeking an alternative to flying they’re turning to a ship like ours which crosses the Atlantic frequently during the summer.”  read more »