Booking Your Travel Upgrades


It’s the busiest and the most expensive time of the year to travel. Wouldn’t you like your money to go a little further?

These days airlines are charging for everything from luggage to pillows and hotels and rental cars aren’t offering money saving deal either. The days of easy up-grades and free perks are slim to none but Money Magazine may have a few tricks left for weary travelers.  read more »

Unusual Lodgings


Vacation time is approaching and nothing says memories like a hotel in the side of a hill or one that used to house prisoners.

MSN Travel has put together a list of the most unusual hotels in the world. And while the accommodations might take some getting used to they could be well worth your money. And there’s something for everyone. For example Waitomo New Zealand features the Hobbit Motel, designed after Hobbiton from the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. And for all you movie buffs the “Lord of the Rings” set is just 70 miles away.  read more »

Destination: Outrageous

burro with beer.jpg

Forget lying down on the world's most beautiful beaches or skiing the freshest powder. For your next trip what about swinging by the Texas Prison Museum or checking out the Peabody Duck Parade?

Travel review website compiled a list of the ten weirdest tourist attractions based on recommendations from its readers. From New Zealand to the U.S. to Canada the list provides a bit of novelty for anyone looking to escape the conventional vacation.  read more »