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Fall Travel


Itching to take a vacation. Now is a great time.

Perhaps you've already used up your vacation time over the long hot summer. Kids were out of school and there were plenty of neat places to visit. But I'll bet those places were crowded and so were the higher priced boats, trains and planes.

Well, if you can swing it September and October are great months to take a break. In Europe, where locals take off in August, they are back at work taking care of you and not crowding beaches. You can also find some cheaper rates for hotels and airlines looking for fall business.  read more »

Memorial Day Travel


It's Memorial Day weekend and if you're on the road, chances are you have a lot of company.

According to AAA almost 40% of Americans are planning to hit the roads, rails and skies this weekend as part of the official kickoff to summer. This year is the third in a row that more people have decided to take a vacation and the highest travel volume since 2005. AAA’s senior vice president for travel says higher confidence has led to more consumer spending and many people are choosing to use any extra money they have on travel for the three day weekend.  read more »

Tips From The Travel Detective


It's still winter, but the tourist travel season is fast approaching, first with Easter, then Spring Break and finally Summer vacation. So how can you avoid paying big bucks to travel in prime time?

CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg has made it his career to find the best travel deals, tips and secrets he can pass on to you. Peter says finding the best deals depend on the calendar.

"The real problem with Easter travel is when is Easter? When is Spring Break? They overlap, you have to do your homework ahead of time to make sure you're not stuck in that bubble because if you are you will pay through the roof. The key is to go before Easter, go after Easter or go right in the middle between Easter and Spring Break and you'll be better off."  read more »

Best Deals for Summer Travel


The first official day of Summer is here and while the economy may be giving us a lot of grief it's also handing out some great travel deals.

Founder of Best Fares Tom Parsons and Anne Banas, Executive Editor of Smarter Travel teamed up with journalist Terry Gardner and compiled a list of the top ten best travel deals on the market. First on the list is a trip down under to Sydney, Australia, airfares have never been so low. Quantas and V Australia have advertised roundtrip tickets for around $560 and Delta is expected to sweeten the deal when they begin service to Australia on July 1st.  read more »