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It's a long weekend and the summer travel season is in full swing so why not get a little tech savvy when you plan your next trip.

Gone are the days of a travel agent and maps that need to be re-folded. Now when you plan a trip there are endless apps that can help make it one to remember from start to finish. And to help navigate your way through all the apps out there, Travel and Leisure Magazine has put together a list of the 50 new travel apps of the year.  read more »

Travel Apps


Preparing for your summer vacation? Make sure the stress of daily life stays home.

These days everyone is jetting off for some fun in the sun; until you hit the airport and long lines and crowded planes make your trip feel like work. But fortunately we live in the world of “there's an app for everything” so Yahoo Tech has uncovered a few to make your vacation a little smoother.

For example before you fly check out apps such as Hipmunk. This is a visual flight schedule that makes planning the trip simpler. Then there's Flight Aware. This shows you where every flight in the sky is as well as altitude and speed. Plus find the highest and lowest prices for those flights and its average for being early or late.  read more »