A Bidding War


Two of the world's biggest automakers are joining forces and half of the country is competing to get in on the action.

Recently Toyota and Mazda announced the two companies were joining forces to build a $1.6 billion assembly plant here in the United States. The plant will employ 4,000 workers and would be located near Toyota’s existing supply chain. And since that supply chain is currently located from West Virginia through Kentucky, Indiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Texas, Midwestern and southern states are competing for the new business.

Experts say states covet plants such as this one because they typically pay above average wages and spin off jobs to nearby suppliers and service companies.  read more »

Communicating Cars


Toyota is expanding its mileage to social networking and now you can stay connected to your car.

Earlier this week the automaker announced that it is creating a private social networking service. This will allow the cars to tweet their drivers when they need to be serviced. And to create the “Toyota Friend” network they are teaming up with the U.S. company

Toyota describes the service as a social network that will connect customers with their cars, their dealerships and the company itself. And they’re buying into the idea.  read more »

An Outdated Powerhouse


The Detroit Auto Show is underway and one of the biggest names in automakers might be losing its spot among the cool crowd.

You would think acceleration recalls and government fines would be enough to tarnish your reputation. But industry analysts say Toyota’s biggest problem is their aging line-up of boring cars. Analysts say that over the past decade Toyota’s design department had an easy job.  read more »

Most Admired Companies


The year is winding down and while it's been a tough one for most companies, there are still some clear winners among business people.

Fortune Magazine has compiled its list of the most admired companies as voted upon by various business people. And while it's hard to imagine any fan favorites in this economy, some businesses still managed to impress consumers, even if they had spent most of the year earning negative headlines.  read more »

Pedestrians vs. The Prius


Despite some recent safety setbacks Toyota has some good news for pedestrians; the Prius is getting a little louder.

Because the Prius runs mostly as an electric car the engine doesn’t give off much sound, especially if the car is traveling at a low rate of speed. This poses a problem for pedestrians, particularly the blind who complain they can’t hear the car coming. And a recent government safety study found that the Prius is twice as likely to be involved in a collision with a pedestrian as cars with conventional engines.  read more »

Another Recall


It looks like one is no longer the loneliest number as Toyota gets some company after another auto giant announces a recall.  read more »

The Runaway Car


Stephen King wrote a book that became a horror movie about a car that came to life. And unfortunately for Toyota that same plot is coming to life for them.

The feds are being called in to investigate the real life Christine. A Toyota Prius that reportedly sped out of control on a Southern California freeway. Earlier this week James Sikes said he was driving his Prius just outside of San Diego when the accelerator stuck and the car reached a speed of 94 mph.  read more »

Forget the Recall


The recent Toyota recalls, safety concerns and congressional hearings may have you steering towards a different dealership. But the company might still be worth a second look.

According to a recent U.S. News and World Report article there are a couple of reasons why you should consider the Japanese auto giant for your next car purchase. For example now could be the best time to buy. The company will eventually recover but until then dealerships will be forced to slash prices and cut you a bargain to move some of their inventory that has been scandalized by the recent recalls.  read more »

Infamous Rides


No doubt you've heard that Toyota has been in the news for trying to fix a defective gas pedal on some of its cars. But there are other cars that have seen their own share of negative headlines.

To be infamous you have to be connected to something really bad. So MSN Autos has compiled a list of vehicles that could not out-manuver their path to death and destruction. The cars on this list have been part of American car history.

On the list, the 1994 Mercedes Benz S280, made famous for smashing into a pillar in a Paris underpass, and taking the life of Princess Diana. Or the Porsche 550 Spyder that America's rebel James Dean was driving when another car swerved into his lane and hit him head on.  read more »