town for sale

A Small Town Monopoly


Looking for a new investment; how 'bout a small town?

A business man in South Dakota is looking for a buyer for the small town of Swett; and it will cost you less than most houses. The town is located about two hours southeast of Rapid City and is on the market for $400,000.

Lance Benson is the current owner of Swett. He bought it in 1998, gave it to his ex-wife in their divorce then reclaimed it in 2012. Now he's putting it back on the market so he can invest more time in his traveling concession business.  read more »

The Town Sale


The gavel has fallen and the chance to own your own town has ended.

Recently I told you that the town of Buford, Wyoming was being auctioned off at a starting bid of $100,000. The ten acre piece of land included a convenience store, school and modular home. Earlier this week the auction began and just eleven minutes later Buford had a new mayor.

The winning bid was $900,000 and came from an unidentified buyer from Vietnam. He says he made the trip to Wyoming to bid on the land for a chance to own a piece of the American dream. In a statement he says that owning property in this country has always been his goal.  read more »

Town For Sale


Who needs to own a house; when you can run a whole town?

It’s a buyer’s market and if you’re looking for a new space; consider expanding beyond four walls to the town of Buford Wyoming. Next month the one and only resident of Buford will auction off the town for a starting bid of $100,000. After thirty years of living in the unincorporated community the “mayor” Don Sammons says it is time to move on.

Sammons runs the Buford Trading Post; the town’s gas station and store. On his company’s website he wrote that he is retiring and that the entire town is up for sale. This includes the house, the trading post, the former school plus all the land and its history. And it comes with all the necessities.  read more »