Bad Tourists


China is cracking down on its citizens, especially when they leave the country.

China's tourism authority says it has named and shamed five Chinese tourists for bad behavior while traveling in other countries. Now officials are taking it a step further and talking to airlines about a flying ban.

The five people include two women and a man who brawled during a flight when one women said her seat was bumped. A fourth person was a man who assaulted a store worker for allegedly disrespecting his wife. The final person was a woman who threw hot tea on her tour guide after learning her son's ticket to a scenic site was not included in the package.  read more »

Toilet Bowl Tours


Who needs the Berlin wall, when you have famous bathrooms?

For tourists tired of the stereotypical spots Berlin tour guide Anne Haase came up with the idea of a tour highlighting the German cities most famous restrooms. She came up with the idea while attending the annual international tourist guide day. Thinking most of her colleagues would be taking visitors to parks and churches she decided to stir up the pot.  read more »

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A Tourist Tax


Have friends visiting from abroad? Tell them to have their paperwork in order to avoid a new tourist tax.

Starting this week travelers trying to enter the United States will need to pay a $14 fee if they do not have a U.S. visa. Called an operational and promotional fee, this will only affect travelers trying to enter the U.S. from certain countries. These countries include but are not limited too; Australia, Denmark, Spain, Japan, Ireland, Italy, Korea and the United Kingdom.  read more »

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Tips From The Travel Detective


It's still winter, but the tourist travel season is fast approaching, first with Easter, then Spring Break and finally Summer vacation. So how can you avoid paying big bucks to travel in prime time?

CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg has made it his career to find the best travel deals, tips and secrets he can pass on to you. Peter says finding the best deals depend on the calendar.

"The real problem with Easter travel is when is Easter? When is Spring Break? They overlap, you have to do your homework ahead of time to make sure you're not stuck in that bubble because if you are you will pay through the roof. The key is to go before Easter, go after Easter or go right in the middle between Easter and Spring Break and you'll be better off."  read more »