A Love Connection


Thanks to the reaching power of social media, a long running joke is turning into the first date of a lifetime.

In 2014 Josh Avsec, a student at Ohio’s Kent State University messaged Michelle Arendas on the dating site Tinder. Two months later she wrote back telling him she was sorry for the delay and that her phone had died. Taking the brush off in stride he waited two months before responding, apologizing for his delay by saying he was in the shower.

The two of them have continued the joke for three years with responses always coming a few months apart. Some of their tongue in cheek excuses included having a busy president's day, waiting for their phone to become fully charged and homework.  read more »

The Most Eligible Bachelor


A dating app, best known for casual connections is now the last hope of an entire species.

Sudan is the world's last male northern white rhino and his profile has just been uploaded to Tinder in the hopes of finding a mate and repopulating the planet. The wildlife conservancy in Kenya where Sudan lives says the 43-year-old rhino and his last two companions were unable to breed naturally because of issues related to age. Now the wildlife park and Tinder are joining forces in a campaign called “the most eligible bachelor in the world.”  read more »

Tinder Select


The dating app Tinder is getting exclusive with a few of its users.

Tinder is testing a secret version of its app called Tinder Select which is an invitation only service for the very famous and the very attractive. Tinder Select will be a section of the existing app that is activated when the user is invited to join. And once you're in you can see the profiles of other Tinder Select members and the profiles of regular Tinder users.  read more »

Orangutan Dating


Scientists are looking for ways to increase the population of certain species; and they're turning to online dating to help the odds.

Orangutans in a Dutch zoo are getting a little help in finding a mate thanks to a new research projects that is drawing comparisons to Tinder. For humans, the dating site works by popping up a picture of a person that matches your criteria and you can swipe left or right based on your first impression. For the Orangutans biologists investigate their emotional responses when looking at images of the same species on a touch screen.  read more »


online dating.jpg

Online dating is rough, especially when it's not just your fellow singletons that are rating you.

Tinder is a dating app where people swipe left or right based on your picture alone. A swipe right means they like what they see, a swipe left means on to the next one. But it turns out those people aren't the only ones determining your worth, the app itself is doing the same.  read more »

Celebrity Love


Looking for love with a touch of fame? Swipe right.

It turns out common folk aren’t the only ones turning to online dating. Celebrities are opening up and saying they have created their own online profiles to find that special someone. But the problem is when the regular Joe’s come across the profile of someone they’ve seen on the cover of a magazine they just aren’t buying it.

Most people say when a celebrity pops up they assume it’s a spam account and move on to the next person. Now one company is helping the rich and famous in their quest for love. Earlier this week Tinder launched verified profiles so you know what you’re seeing is the real deal.  read more »

Puppy Love


The dating app tinder is now matching people with a different type of mate.

Tinder got its start by matching people with other users who happened to be in their general area. But if you’re looking for a four legged type of love the app is now matching people with rescue dogs.

Since the profiles of pups in need began popping up last week more than 2,000 matches have been made. Users who swipe yes to one of the puppy pics will receive a message with a link to the organization that rescued and is currently housing the dog. For people looking for more of a short term commitment there is the option of fostering a pooch for two weeks. Or if you’re after a one time hook up you can volunteer to take a dog for a walk.  read more »

Looking for Love


If Valentine’s Day left you a little lonely; then turn to your favorite handheld device.

There are two new apps on the market designed to make your search for love a little easier. Released in just the past few months both apps rely on Facebook for their matchmaking capabilities.

The first one; Tinder pulls photos from its member’s Facebook profiles. Anyone looking for a date can then flip through the photos of people nearby to see if anyone sparks their interest. If there’s a mutual attraction the app connects them for a conversation. If not, their feelings remain anonymous protecting user from potential heartbreak.  read more »