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A Piece of Apple


Everyone wants a piece of Apple and the perks are rolling in.

These days it’s not just customers that are willing to spend time and money for everything Apple has to offer. Now cities are jumping on the fruit flavored bandwagon. In order to convince the company to move into a neighborhood cities are offering Apple sweet heart deals that range from free rent to prime locations.  read more »

Apple's New Flavor


The new iPad is here and you’re probably going to want one.

Earlier this week in San Francisco, Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook unveiled the iPad. Yes it’s simply being called the iPad and despite the same name as the first version the tablet has evolved. As expected the new model has a bigger and brighter display with double the amount of pixels. The new iPad also has more muscle with a processor four times more powerful than the iPad two.  read more »

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An Empty Spotlight


Apple will still be apple without Steve Jobs; but will it taste as sweet?

Apple and its stockholders will miss Steve Jobs. Gadget gurus around the world will miss Steve Jobs. But no one will miss the face of Apple more than me and my colleagues in the media.

Despite being a one-sided love affair the media rarely has a bad word to say against the man who was never quick to grant an interview. When he did they were short and not always sweet. I’ve frequently covered Apple and Steve Jobs during my three plus decades as a business reporter based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  read more »

The New Head Apple


Apple’s core has been shaken; so who is the man stepping up to stabilize the tech powerhouse.

This is not the first time Tim Cook has stepped in to take the reins but when he does little is heard from or about Steve Job’s stunt double. Cook has been working behind the scenes at Apple since he was hired in March of 1998. He has served as Apple’s CEO twice before while Jobs dealt with health issues.  read more »

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