Protecting Your PIN


Want to protect your bottom line; all you need is a few good digits.

According to Forbes the United States and Mexico are home to the most credit and debit card thefts. 42% of Americans alone say they have been the victims of some type of fraud. And depending on how much time and effort you put into your pin you could be next.

So how do you know if the code that unlocks your personal vault is actually protecting you? To help narrow it down DataGenetics conducted a study to find the ten most commonly used numbers. And since they are used the most they are most likely to shrink your savings account.  read more »

Sticky Fingered Employees


Most small companies are expecting to lose money over the next year, but not to the economy.

According to a new survey just over half of private small company executives are expecting their own employees to steal something of value. This is nearly double the rate of executives who have actually experienced some type of theft in the last five years.

The Chubb Private Company Risk Survey polled 451 executives at four profit companies from all over the country. Almost all of the companies polled had an annual revenue of less than $25 million. Thirty percent of those surveyed said they have experienced internal theft in the last five years. Fifty four percent said that over the next year they were expecting company employees to steal funds, equipment or inventory.  read more »