A Life Saving Drone


The job of saving lives is going high tech.

Recently Texas was devastated by floods that killed at least two dozen people. According to reports enough rain has fallen to cover the entire state with eight inches of water. And among the hundreds of rescue crews and volunteers is another type of life saving effort, a drone.

According to People Magazine Bill Kastel and his wife Tracey were woken up on May 25th by a loud clanking sound. When they opened the front door of their home, they found a river raging right below their porch. Trapped on all sides by water the couple called 911 and waited for help.  read more »

Bikinis, Texas


A summertime favorite has made it on the map.

There is now a small town in Texas named Bikinis. It was purchased by businessman Doug Guller who decided he enjoyed his bikini sports bar and grill so much he wanted to give it a zip code. So after seeing the small town of Bankersmith for sale on Craiglist he purchased it and re-named it Bikinis.

On his company’s web site Guller says Bikinis Texas will be a world class destination and he is thrilled the brand now includes town ownership. He says there is no better way to literally make the bikini part of this nation’s geography.  read more »

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A Lawful Reward


Being approached by the law in one Texas town could put some extra money in your wallet.

Police officers in Prosper Texas are targeting good drivers. And if you're spotted obeying traffic laws such as wearing your seat belt and following the speed limit your good behavior could earn you a ten dollar gift card. The city's police chief says they wanted to give back to the community and reward people who are keeping the city streets safer.

But police aren't pulling people over to spread the wealth. They chief says they don't want to startle anyone so they are approaching people in parking lots and other areas. And they're approaching on foot so you don't have to worry about the blue and red lights appearing in your rearview mirror.  read more »

The Last Meal


The final meal just got a little less tasty for death row inmates in Texas.

Earlier this week state officials announced inmates would be issued standard prison fare instead of requested cuisine on the night before their execution. State Senator John Whitmore cited money and the message for the decision to end the last meal tradition. Whitmore says it is extremely inappropriate to give a death row inmate such a privilege; especially when they didn’t do the same thing for their victims.  read more »