American TV Viewing Falls


Remember your parents screaming at you to watch less television. You must be listening.

Americans of all ages are actually watching less television, troubling to traditional networks used to controlling millions of viewer eyeballs for decades.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the amount of time that Americans spent watching live television plus DVR playback shrank in the third quarter of this year, after growing steadily in the preceding four years.

The Journal quotes from a just released Nielsen cross platform report that shows Americans watched an average of 4 hours and 18 minutes of live TV and 25 minutes of DVR playback. But that is down six minutes for TV and 3 minutes for DVR.  read more »

Reality TV


Looking to avoid the reality of reality shows; you might be channel surfing for a long time.

Kevin Harrington is chairman of “As Seen on TV Incorporated” and one of the original sharks on the reality show “Shark Tank.” The show brings in entrepreneurs to present their big idea to a group of potential investors. They then get to decide who if anyone they will provide funding for. This is just one type of reality show taking over the airwaves; and it doesn't look like this type of broadcasting is going anywhere soon.

“It's definitely changed the landscape and given the TV stations a little bit more affordable way to reduce programming.”  read more »

Immoral Laughter


Life in china is taking a turn for the serious.

Earlier this week the Chinese media reported that the country will be cutting back on entertainment oriented television shows to focus on ones that build morale. This includes everything from sitcoms to dating game shows to dance broadcasts. China’s state administration of radio, film and television says it is aiming to restrict anything that records what they call “the dark and gloomy side of society.”  read more »

A Communicative Convention


Today people want information fast and the communications industry is amping up for the challenge.

At the recent National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas I spoke with their Vice President of Marketing Dennis Wharton. He says with 93,000 people attending and 1,500 exhibits the broadcasting industry is back.

“It’s the gamut from real small companies to the largest in the world and if you want to be a player in the communications business you have to be selling product on the NAB floor.”  read more »

Obama wins: media now losing.

After almost two years of non-stop political news coverage and advertising, television viewers finally get a break. No more negative advertising, screaming matches on talk shows, and pontificating pundits pretending they know more than you do about how the world turns.

But while you may feel more relaxed in front of your TV set, those behind the screen are not. The money has stopped flowing. This political campaign was a cash cow for local television stations across the country. A record $250 million dollars was spent just by the Obama campaign on local, cable and network television in just the past five months. All political advertising in this presidential election year is estimated at a record $2.5 billion dollars.  read more »