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There's nothing wrong with a little competition; especially if you come out on top.

Uber is a San Francisco based company that picks people up in a cab, town car or limo with the push of a button. Now the service is available in cities all over the world. I recently spoke with CEO Travis Kalanick about similar companies popping up. He says there are about four or five guys in different cities trying to top his idea; and he's alright with that.

“I’m a competitor though, I’m intended on winning, we got a little bit of a head start but i think ultimately it makes the product and service better, it makes the customers happier.”

Uber also competes with existing cab companies; something he says works well for customers.  read more »

Going the Distance


Sometimes a good idea; can really go the distance.

“My co-founder and I live in San Francisco and before Uber it was almost impossible to get a ride. And so we just wanted to push a button and get a ride and we wanted it to be a classy ride.”

Travis Kalanick is CEO and co-founder of San Francisco based Uber. Once he and his partner decided they wanted a town car at their fingertips they developed an app. First they wanted to keep it exclusive so Kalanick locked it with a special code. But once his inbox was flooded with requests they opened the app to everyone; and Uber was born.  read more »