Taxing the Sex Industry

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Need to pay off a deficit? One country is going after a guilty pleasure.

The sexually repressed citizens of Dortmund, located in western Germany are going to have to dig a little deeper in their pockets for some special company. Facing a $133 million deficit city officials have introduced a day tax on their prostitutes. Dubbed the “pleasure tax” the new legislation requires prostitutes to purchase a day ticket for each day they work or face a fine.  read more »

A Tourist Tax


Have friends visiting from abroad? Tell them to have their paperwork in order to avoid a new tourist tax.

Starting this week travelers trying to enter the United States will need to pay a $14 fee if they do not have a U.S. visa. Called an operational and promotional fee, this will only affect travelers trying to enter the U.S. from certain countries. These countries include but are not limited too; Australia, Denmark, Spain, Japan, Ireland, Italy, Korea and the United Kingdom.  read more »

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Financially Un-reliable


Not paying your traffic fines is illegal. Not paying your traffic fines when you’re a civil servant is just embarrassing.

Last week an investigation at a Bulgaria tax office found that more than 400 tax inspectors had failed to pay their traffic fines. This was part of a nationwide crackdown on government employees who don’t pay what they owe. The National Revenue Agency said they’ve seen an increase in fraud since the recession began and are only trying to recover lost revenue.  read more »

Tax Time Threats


Tax season may not be your favorite time of year, especially if you’re an IRS agent.  read more »

Tax Myths Busted


Spring has sprung, meaning its tax time but this season is painful enough without paying more than you owe. So beware the tax myths that could cause you to empty out the piggy bank.

Jeff Schnepper, a former Professor of Taxation, Accounting and Finance and author of “How to Pay Zero Taxes” has compiled a list of five tax myths that can cost you money. Schnepper says from Santa Claus to the Tooth Fairy our culture is full of myths, and in the world of taxes these myths can cost you big bucks if you don’t know the rules.  read more »