target security breach

Forbidden Money


Need some extra cash; you better have a good reason for it.

Ever since Target and Neiman Marcus reported that millions of customers had been hacked; banks have been on the lookout for suspicious activity. Some even put limits on debit and credit cards just in case the wrong person tried to rack up a tab. One bank is protecting customers so much they're leaving empty handed.

HSBC in London is blocking customers from making large withdrawals without explaining why the money is needed. One man says he tried to withdraw $11,000 to repay a loan from his mother but was denied. He says the bank wanted a letter from his mother explaining the terms of the loan. And since he didn't have one the most he was allowed to take out was 3,000.  read more »

Target's Breach


It was the biggest shopping season of the year; and it might cost you a lot more than you think.

Target says from thanksgiving to December 15th at least 40 million customer credit and debit accounts could have been compromised. That makes it the second largest credit card breach in the country's history. Target says anyone who used their cards between that time in U.S. stores may have had their names, card numbers, expiration dates and security codes stolen. The theft did not affect any purchases made online.

The company says it immediately notified authorities and is working with a third party to investigate and prevent future breaches. It says customers should monitor their bank statements carefully and report any suspicious charges.  read more »