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Beefy Breakfasts


America's restaurants are hoping to cash in on breakfast; and your waistline is paying for it.

Food experts say they are noticing a new trend. Despite the younger generation’s fascination with juicing, kale and probiotics there is one thing they just can't give up; a hearty, fat filled breakfast.

So despite the salad for lunch and salmon for dinner mentality breakfast still means fried, sugary and full of carbs. And the restaurant industry has noticed. So to help navigate your way through the first meal you consume, Yahoo Health has a list of some of the worst breakfast items on the menu and what you should eat instead.  read more »

Competitive Eating


It's the most important meal of the day; and it's beginning to taste a little competitive.

Right now McDonald’s is the fast food leader when it comes to your early morning fix. Its menu of sausage McMuffins, hot cakes and hash browns make up 20% of the company's U.S. sales. And to keep the edge the company is now looking to expand its breakfast hours from 10:30 to 11 AM.

But now customers are bring served up a few extra options courtesy of Taco Bell. On March 27th the company is rolling out its first ever breakfast menu. It will feature items such as the AM crunchwrap, waffle taco and bacon and egg burrito. For the first time ever the company will also offer customers coffee.  read more »

A Fast Food Expansion

waffle taco.jpg

Taco Bell is serving up some changes to its menu.

Taco Bell says it is expanding testing of some new items as it prepares to roll out its breakfast menu sometime next year. The new items hot off the grill include waffle tacos, scrambled eggs and sausage. For those trying to watch their waistline taco bell will also offer yogurt parfaits and oatmeal.

Right now the new items are being tested in five Southern California restaurants but the company is expanding that to locations in Fresno California, Omaha Nebraska and Chattanooga Tennessee. Taco Bell's president says the waffle taco has been a big seller in the current test locations and he wants to make sure they can handle demand before rolling it out to all 6,000 restaurants across the country.  read more »