super bowl

High Tech Football


The NFLl's preseason is kicking off and the San Francisco 49ers are bringing a few new tricks to the playing field.

Right now construction is underway on a new stadium for the 49ers in Santa Clara, close to California’s Silicon Valley. And the team's new home is taking a few ideas from its high tech neighbors.

The stadium will feature an app that gives fans live updates on food, bathroom and beer lines. But just in case you still miss something it will also allow users to watch replays of the game from multiple angles.

And in case you need to update your fantasy football team the app will have the capability to stream NFL Redzone through the stadiums built in Wi-Fi.  read more »

Sports and Business


The field might not be the only thing that’s green at your next big game.

Neill Duffy is the executive chairman of Tribe Management; a marketing agency that focuses on merging sports and entertainment with sustainability.

“We notice that a lot of major sporting events, in fact all major sporting events have lagged behind their adoption of sustainability to the same extent as mainstream business.”

I recently spoke with Duffy about the relationship between sports and the sponsors. He says that the majority of today’s major businesses are diving into the world of clean energy. This means they will think twice about sponsoring a major sports event that doesn’t share their commitment; leaving America’s favorite pastime and everything in between high and dry.  read more »

The Big Game


We are in the heart of football season but it’s the action off the field that’s really kicking off.

Super bowl 47 is still more than three months away but CBS is almost sold out of advertisement space. Right now CBS says it has just 5% of its inventory left and those 30 spots are going for $3.8 million. When everything is sold off the network is estimating revenue of more than $225 million.

But not everyone has snatched up a spot in the big game. General Motors is the only one of the top five super bowl advertisers of the past decade who has not bought ad space and is sticking to the sidelines. And when they finally decide to get in on the action the only space available could be during the pre-game show.  read more »

The Business of Sports


Sports have become a part of life; but not all the action is on the field.

Keith Bruce is the president of SportsMark. A company that promotes and markets investments made into the world of sports. Whether this includes Pepsi sponsoring the super bowl or Hanes sponsoring Michael Jordan those partnerships need to be brought to life.

“The whole economic tide of sports has risen and with that the cost to market a brand in sports has also risen dramatically.”

Bruce says when a company considers getting involved with a sporting event or an athlete there are multiple factors to consider. Especially considering how large of an investment it is.  read more »

A Snowy Super Bowl


Break out the long johns and probably some extra socks. The 2014 Super Bowl is going to be a cold one.  read more »