super bowl ads

Super Bowl Ads

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It's the weekend of the big game, but not all the action is on the field.

For a 30 second spot during this year's Super Bowl NBC asked companies to pay $4.5 million. That is a 12.5% increase from FOX's asking price the year before. And the usual suspects are cashing in. Budweiser, Coke and Doritos are all shelling out the money in hope of securing the year's biggest audience.

But one company is pulling its commercial before the big day.'s commercial shows a small puppy falling out of the back of a truck. Against all odds he makes it back home and into the arms of his owner. She scoops him up and says she just sold him on a website she made using Go Daddy. Animal rights activists say it advertises puppy mills and illegal breeding habits.  read more »

The Big Game


We are in the heart of football season but it’s the action off the field that’s really kicking off.

Super bowl 47 is still more than three months away but CBS is almost sold out of advertisement space. Right now CBS says it has just 5% of its inventory left and those 30 spots are going for $3.8 million. When everything is sold off the network is estimating revenue of more than $225 million.

But not everyone has snatched up a spot in the big game. General Motors is the only one of the top five super bowl advertisers of the past decade who has not bought ad space and is sticking to the sidelines. And when they finally decide to get in on the action the only space available could be during the pre-game show.  read more »