super bowl

A Super Sunday

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It's the weekend of the big game, and for a lot of people the celebration will continue long past the last down.

According to a study by the Workforce Institute at least 16.5 million American workers called in sick following the 2016 super bowl. In addition to that, another ten million workers had taken the day off. This year is expected to be no different, with about the same number of people being no-shows or coming in late.  read more »

Super Bowl Commercials


It's Super Bowl weekend; so are you watching the action on the field or what happens during the commercial break?

Every year hundreds of hours are worked and millions of dollars are spent but not all of it has to do with the four quarters of the big game. Instead companies spend months planning for their moment of glory, hoping to be the one that gives the country the most talked about commercial of the year. While there is no clear formula for what makes a winning ad, things such as celebrities, animals and sex put some above the others.  read more »

Apple's 1984 Ad


This weekend will bring some of the biggest commercials of the year, but they still might not take the top spot.

The big game isn't the only thing people look forward to on Super Bowl Sunday, there are also the commercials. And while each year brings some fan favorites there is one that critics say will always be the most iconic super bowl ad of all time.

In 1984 Apple released a 60 second commercial based off the George Orwell novel “1984.” It shows a woman running into a dark hall of brainwashed people and throwing a sledgehammer at a screen. The text then reads quote “on January 24th Apple computer will introduce Macintosh and you'll see why 1984 won't be like 1984” end quote.  read more »

The Big Game


It's been a week of crowds, concerts and super fans; and now it's finally time for the big game.

The countdown to Super Bowl 50 has brought an estimated one million people to the San Francisco Bay Area. And while locals weren't exactly happy with the street closures and extra foot traffic everyone involved is calling the event a success.

Officials with the host city San Francisco say the city has practiced for this with previous events including the America’s cup and Giants’ victory parades. They say this is a sign that the bay area can handle one of the world's biggest games and they hope that the NFL will return sooner rather than later.  read more »

Super Bowl 50

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We’re just one week away from Super Bowl 50 and for some people it’s all come down to this.

Keith Bruce, is CEO of the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee. The group responsible for a large portion of the big game including super bowl city which is now underway in San Francisco.

“We’re responsible for the fundraising, all the money that needs to be raised to pay for the obligations to hold the Super Bowl here in the bay area. We’re responsible for all the infrastructure, all the operational planning, transportation, parking, public safety and security.”  read more »

Super Bowl Ads

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It's the weekend of the big game, but not all the action is on the field.

For a 30 second spot during this year's Super Bowl NBC asked companies to pay $4.5 million. That is a 12.5% increase from FOX's asking price the year before. And the usual suspects are cashing in. Budweiser, Coke and Doritos are all shelling out the money in hope of securing the year's biggest audience.

But one company is pulling its commercial before the big day.'s commercial shows a small puppy falling out of the back of a truck. Against all odds he makes it back home and into the arms of his owner. She scoops him up and says she just sold him on a website she made using Go Daddy. Animal rights activists say it advertises puppy mills and illegal breeding habits.  read more »

A High Scoring Business Plan


The owner of a Texas furniture store is using sports to drum up some extra business; and the customers are scoring.

Before the first pitch was thrown for this year's baseball season Jim McIngvale offered to reimburse the first 500 customers who spent more than $6,300 at his stores. But he would only hand over the cash if the Houston Astros won more than 63 games, matching the age McIngvale would turn this year.

And they did, winning 70 games and forcing McIngvale to be true to his word. So recently hundreds of people lined up and he paid up, to the tune of more than $4 million. Reid Ryan, president of the Astros, said the promotion was a great way to get more people involved in the season and excited about the team.  read more »

Football on Broadway


Super Bowl 48 is right around the corner and the teams aren't the only ones preparing to take center stage.

This year's Super Bowl is being held in New Jersey with New York right across the river. And to welcome the big game Broadway is preparing for a big show. The Jersey Boys and Rock of Ages will perform special outdoor concerts and a discount ticket deal on Broadway tickets has been launched offering fans two shows for the price of one.

Broadway is also taking advantage of all the sports fans swarming into the city by altering schedules to offer more matinee performances. The only day the marquees will remain dark is after kick off on Super Bowl Sunday. Organizers say the theaters know that competing with the big game means empty seats and lost revenue.  read more »

The Business of Football


The rules of football are changing; to a business plan.

At a recent charity event benefitting a bay area food bank i spoke with former NFL player Jesse Sapolu. During his 14 years with the San Francisco 49ers he played center and offensive guard helping the team win four super bowl rings. I asked him what some of the biggest differences are between his days on the field and today.

“Well obviously the money is so much bigger now, social media, you cringe every time ESPN talks about one player that gets in trouble almost every day. But that's the world we live in now.”  read more »

A Taste of the NFL

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The NFL is teaming up with food banks all across the country; and they're hoping to score against hunger.

The day before the super bowl the NFL is hosting an event called “A Taste of the NFL.” It will feature a chef from each NFL city along with a current or former player from that city's team. They will have a table where guests can taste a dish designed to complement a wine. Up until that event similar tastings are happening all across the country. I recently spoke with former San Francisco 49er Eric Wright at the event in the bay area.

“If it's not in your heart and you're just out here and you really don't want to be here then i don't invite you, you have to want to give.”  read more »