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Planning your summer trip? There are a few destinations that won't be rolling out the welcome mat.

While you might be excited for your next destination, the people that call that place home might not be happy to see you. Because despite the money you filter into the local economy, some tourist hot spots are happier staying off the map. So to help figure out where you won't be feeling very welcome MSN Lifestyle has a list of the eight places around the world that hate tourists the most.  read more »



The summer season is here; and with the warm weather comes a little time off.

It's the time of year when people pack up and hit the road. But despite signs of a stronger economy not everyone is jetting off to tropical destinations. Instead they're keeping things low key and sticking close to home.

A few years ago when the economy hit rock bottom a new concept was born. Called the staycation; it gave people a little time away right in their own neck of the woods. Unfortunately it turns out not everyone's city is a desirable vacation spot. So if you're looking to save a few extra bucks on this year's travel plans the financial website Wallet Hub has a few tips on where to point the car and when to keep driving.  read more »

Layaway Your Getaway


Saving up for your summer vacation? Why not put your getaway on layaway?

Last week Sears launched; a full service website that allows customers to pay off their vacation a little bit at a time. Through the layaway plan you put down 10% on trips ranging from cruises to tropical resorts. The rest of the trip is paid off in increments you decide upon before you jet off.

When the recession first hit; layaway programs were revived by most retailers. They were a way for people to get the things they needed without cleaning out their bank accounts in one go. However the vacation deal is a step in a new direction and so far Sears is the only retailer to take it.  read more »

Out of the Ordinary Memories


Ready to cash in on those vacation days; this year consider something a little out of the ordinary.

Every year people head to the beach or hop a plane to Europe. But what about the memories that can be made in our own backyard? To entice summer travelers to stay local; TripAdvisor has a list of the ten most unusual festivals happening across the country between June and September.

For example this weekend is the heritage duct tape festival. Held in Avon, Ohio this is a three day display of items you can make from the industrial strength tape. To cap it off Miss America will marshal a parade riding on a float made completely from duct tape.  read more »

Traveling With the Law


Laws aren’t meant to be broken, especially when you leave work for your summer vacation.

To prepare you for wherever your passport may go, Bing Travel has put together a list of unknown laws from ten countries. And if you run into a cop familiar with the rule book you could be spending more time behind bars then on the beach.  read more »

Tips From The Travel Detective


It's still winter, but the tourist travel season is fast approaching, first with Easter, then Spring Break and finally Summer vacation. So how can you avoid paying big bucks to travel in prime time?

CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg has made it his career to find the best travel deals, tips and secrets he can pass on to you. Peter says finding the best deals depend on the calendar.

"The real problem with Easter travel is when is Easter? When is Spring Break? They overlap, you have to do your homework ahead of time to make sure you're not stuck in that bubble because if you are you will pay through the roof. The key is to go before Easter, go after Easter or go right in the middle between Easter and Spring Break and you'll be better off."  read more »