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Travel Apps


Preparing for your summer vacation? Make sure the stress of daily life stays home.

These days everyone is jetting off for some fun in the sun; until you hit the airport and long lines and crowded planes make your trip feel like work. But fortunately we live in the world of “there's an app for everything” so Yahoo Tech has uncovered a few to make your vacation a little smoother.

For example before you fly check out apps such as Hipmunk. This is a visual flight schedule that makes planning the trip simpler. Then there's Flight Aware. This shows you where every flight in the sky is as well as altitude and speed. Plus find the highest and lowest prices for those flights and its average for being early or late.  read more »

Summer Souvenirs


The summer travel season is in full swing, so how will you remember all the places you’ve been?

Your vacation might be taking you out of the country but if you’re exploring America’s backyard there are a few things to pick up. Some people collect fridge magnets, others key chains but how about taking home something the state is famous for.

To help you decide what that is, has a list of the best and the cheapest souvenirs from all 50 states. And if you’re stocking up for every friend and family member in your life, these won’t break your bank account or your luggage restrictions.  read more »

Summer Travel


Summer is right around the corner and you’re family vacation is being threatened by the rising cost of pretty much everything.

Gas is soaring past four dollars a gallon and airline fees are on the rise as well, making it more expensive for you to get to the corner much less to your desired vacation spot. But if you’re committed to getting away Money Talks News founder Stacy Johnson has seven tips on saving money when you fly the friendly skies.  read more »

Best Deals for Summer Travel


The first official day of Summer is here and while the economy may be giving us a lot of grief it's also handing out some great travel deals.

Founder of Best Fares Tom Parsons and Anne Banas, Executive Editor of Smarter Travel teamed up with journalist Terry Gardner and compiled a list of the top ten best travel deals on the market. First on the list is a trip down under to Sydney, Australia, airfares have never been so low. Quantas and V Australia have advertised roundtrip tickets for around $560 and Delta is expected to sweeten the deal when they begin service to Australia on July 1st.  read more »