strip clubs

Protecting the Innocent


If you’re looking for work in a risky industry, Britain is making it hard for you to find out about any potential openings.

A new ban is in effect in Britain for the sex industry. Employers looking to hire lap dancers, strippers or web cam performers can no longer advertise at employment offices. A similar ban had been in place seven years ago but was overturned when the high court agreed with a lingerie retailer that the ban was unlawful. But the government disagrees and is determined to protect the more vulnerable jobseekers from being swayed by the lucrative sex industry.  read more »

A Political Foul


The Republican National Committee preaches lower taxes and less government spending. But their own spending habits are now a hot topic on political talk shows.

The RNC is working to recoup about $2,000 from a vendor it says charged the committee to entertain some contributors at a strip club. The committee says several members of their Young Eagles group had been in Los Angeles for a meeting and while there, visited a club known for its topless dancers and bondage outfits. The $2,000 bill was added to this month’s financial disclosure report and caught the attention of a conservative political blog site. They have since fired staffer Allison Meyers who was the Director of the Young Eagles program.  read more »